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      1. WTF? Did the chicken just BLEAT?? That is one messed-up barnyard critter.

        Yes. Human drama/trauma, and my priorities fork like lightning to the fowl play. (Hey? Get it? FOWL play? “Foul” pla–? Oh, never mind. My concern still stands.)

      1. I was quite aware of that~
        But still, translating it litterally would make more sense, aye, indeed, and would be somehow playfully devilish.

  1. Oh, this will end well, what with Scipp basically saying, “Yes, you could seduce me, but it wouldn’t work because I have no money, but I am also genuine nice guy, since I am not like all the other assholes you have known that have used you for sex. I’m a different type of asshole; a kind of clingy asshole who tries to fix other people’s problems, but it usually just ends up exploding in my face; I mean, if you tried to get me into bed that is.”

    1. I don’t see how Scip is a clingy asshole. For one, Pippi came to live with him, he didn’t burst in and take her. And secondly, when you live with someone you have to see them every day and Scip cares for Pippi paternally. And if you can’t assume that Scip is just being purely hypothetical with the seduction scenario then you must believe Spike didn’t develop his character enough (for the record I think he IS developed enough for me to assume this). There is not a logical way to come to the conclusion you’ve made…too many people expect things to erupt all the time.

      1. Perhaps then this shows that Scip is simply rather bad at cohesively forming a bond in this particular relationship, even though I still stand behind the “clingy” statement, since that term, in itself can mean a variety of things in relating to the weakness of said relationship and how he relates to other relationships (he seems imbalanced when dealing with Reagan, even though I would think he rather enjoys the sparring of it). I feel that I must address what I said as if Pippi was actually hearing it through her own ears because if you do that then Scip’s words ring hollow, almost patronizingly so–that he is simply trying to prevent a car wreck when the steering column is already impaling the driver through the sternum. And as for the “eruption,” well, I am pretty sure that happened when Pippi was clutching a curling iron and threatening murder. The situation has erupted; now we are merely seeing how much lava will flow from the crater. And I seriously doubt anything bad in a corporeal sense will happen, like Pippi starting a massive fire, but yet emotionally, invisibly, all sorts of abstract familial structures might be burning down and in that sense, Scip sees the end, sees it as clear as day and he is merely a man holding a bucket of water when all of Chicago is on fire, yet I don’t know if he knows that yet, but he might, but he might not. What she does will basically confirm what he does or does not already know.

        Scip or Scipp? Hell, I just like Scipp because it looks better with the “pp.”

  2. Flora’s waking up from her nap — as a chicken, she naturally senses when things go from the frying pan to the fryer. i mean, fire. but really, i think the “bahh” is Flora.

  3. Fire in a trash can doesn’t = burnt down apartment. Besides, there are much better ways to burn something down. I think she is just symbolically burning her past after a very subtle catharsis a few pages back (If I had to guess it would start at panel 2 page 75, and end during panel 2 of page 76). It happens over an extended period of time but in the comic world it maybe gave her 15 seconds to think it over and come up with the idea.

    1. Also for the ‘bahh’ statement, maybe that is Pippi saying it under her breath. Maybe she can’t bring herself to burn it? I doubt it but it is entirely possible. I prefer the Flora noise theory.

      1. Yah, that’s just Spike letting us know “Flora’s alive and well, quit it with the dead pet comments, yadda yadda…” I’ll bet you anything ppl liked Scip unanimously up until this segment with Pippi. He’s alright, he just needs to let this breathe.

  4. Th strange thing is that Scip’s jesus complex, assorted neuroses, intimidating look (but gentle nature) and Buddhism are starting to remind me of my dad. Kinda creepy.

    1. This, this right there. Basically you can analyze it all to hell, but yes, just please stop talking, even though by this time he could start quoting the communist manifesto and it wouldn’t stop what is about to happen.

      “Pippi? Did you know there is a scourge over Europe?”

  5. Oh Scip. At this point he’s just babbling in the hopes she won’t notice some of the stupider things he’s said. I’ve been THERE, buddy. Just keep talking, that’ll make EVERYTHING better.

  6. 1. Bahh…I have never heard a chicken say this. But now I have read it. Thank you, Templar.

    2. This either goes….mmmm…two and a half ways. One way, Pippi burns down the house. Second way, Pippie burns the papers and just…I dunno, skulks out of the room to go sulk or something. Half way, (and only half because this is really far out there), she burns the papers, starts a fire, and goes after the one thing that Scip loves: Flora.
    I sure hope I’m wrong about the half situation.

  7. Nothing says psycho like a trash can fire.

    Scip might be broken in a good-aligned way but it’s nice to see that he’s just as broken as the rest of the Templar main character cast.

  8. I don’t think you can set paper on fire with a hot iron. I straighten my hair everyday, my flat iron doesn’t work by open flame. :/

    In theory it’ll singe the paper, but you can’t possibly burn an apartment down with a curling iron.

  9. I love how he starts out trying to be reassuring and then gets bogged down in the practical probabilities involved in his theoretical scenario. Especially since she’s probably not really listening.

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