Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 77

Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 77

Wow. That took me way too long. Sorry, guys.

Discussion (19)¬

  1. Kodiak says:

    Apartment fire sense.. tingling.

    You have the best quality/update speed ratio of all webcomics, don’t be sorry :)

  2. polk says:

    thankew for the update

  3. Jerkwallace says:

    true dat, Kodiak.

  4. The Joker says:

    Scip in the first panel, awwww!

  5. Brad says:

    What’s on the rap sheet! The suspense is terrible.

  6. Tod Stiles fights Jack Webb to the death. says:

    This is going to end with Scipp getting a curling iron through the eye socket, isn’t it.

  7. Twilytgardnfaery says:

    Yay, it’s here! I, too, sense an apartment fire coming on, but then again, I was also on the OMG-Flora! worry-parade…

  8. TM says:

    I can’t predict what will happen. Such emotional fragility makes people very fickle…..

  9. frankwolftown says:

    Wait, who was his friend?

  10. Elk says:

    …and now I am caught up with Templar! Been a really fun read, and I look forward for the rest of the submissions! Keep it up, Spike!

  11. Amarikah says:

    Kukukuku, this should be interesting. If we’re not going to have the info exposed here, then there may be a better time for it, or it doesn’t matter. (can’t wait to see if the plot’s going in the former direction)

  12. Hakudai says:

    “Umm, this isn’t MY rap sheet.”


    “No . . . this says a lot of stuff I didn’t do. Like robbing a bowling alley. I never did that. And it doesn’t have anything about that midget I set on fire. I, um, I think your friend might have got the wrong one by accident.”

    “Ohmigod Pippi I’m so sorry I . . . wait, you set a midget on fire?”

    “Only a little one.”

    “They’re ALL little!”

  13. Holaved says:


    \o/\o/\o/ (three cheers!)

    Apt. fire? Did I get a prediction *right*? O.o

  14. Kian says:

    Saw your work in the gallery in San Fran. Very nice.

  15. Void Hamlet says:

    And I just love all the little paper-related noise snippets. “Shft”, “Rustl”, “Crmpl” – Win. :D

  16. ThunderGun says:

    Scip, listen to your cranky cop friend and kick her ass OUT!

    • FrankNW says:

      Of course, kick her out, because then she wouldn’t do anything inconvenient around there ever again. Never mind that she must be protected properly from whatever nasty things are waiting for her outside. No, who needs to be actually responsible for her life as a human being?