Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 76

Pretty reasonable, for a guy who was screaming his head of three pages ago.

I think so, anyway.

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More comics tomorrow…

28 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 76”

  1. Man, I really wanna see the two of them come out of this stronger, but something tells me Spike is not a fan of happy endings. :(

  2. @eliza – that curling iron wont be hot anymore. As fast as those things heat up, they cool off pretty quickly too :-)

    If I were her, I would want to know too. I see Scip really stepping into a role as a surrogate father here, awww….

    1. Reagan would be the most hilariously awful ref ever.

      Yeah I hope this happens. Maybe in a bonus comic.
      Or maybe that’s a really dumb idea for a bonus comic, Iunno.

  3. Well this can go a number of ways really. I guess the only way to find out is to wait…is it time yet?…How about now? Damn.

  4. So I came back to the site today and was like “Hey, that’s not the latest page. I distinctly remember a page where Pippi is grimly reading it, then drops it and says something and…

    O wait I dreamt that update.”


    1. Now I’m going to go to sleep tonight hoping for a Templar dream.
      It would probably involve me getting chased by every subculture in Templar.

  5. Arghkgjhfkdhg *flail*

    I’m not ususally one to clamor for updates because I don’t want to be annoying, but I really wanna see where this is gooooooooing!

  6. You know, I don’t mind too much waiting for the next update because every time I check the site and see this page I just stop and admire the incredible way Spike drew Pipi’s shirt in the last panel. I mean, look at it! A perfect balance between detail and stylization, economic and expressive. Add that and that twist of hair to the overall composition of the panel…and…well.

    You start posting adoring soliloquies on it, that’s what you do.

  7. I realize this might be a stupid question that you have probably already answered, but I was just reading Transmetropolitan and I was wondering if you have read it (which I suspect you have) and if so, how inspirational it was for you in creating Templar, AZ?

  8. I figure it will all come clear eventually, but it’s really bugging me….
    What the HELL is WRONG with his PET CHICKENNNN?!?!?!?? I am worried that Pippi did something to her.
    …And I don’t even LIKE chickens!!!


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