34 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 60”

  1. I never thought I’d say anyone was not good enough for Moze, but damn! Tuesday isn’t good enough for anyone! What does he see in her? Can’t he get easy sex from any number of groupies?

  2. As a fat, hairy dude who dated a skinny girl for almost two years, I feel Moze’s pain. It’s like setting an adorable, loving engine component on your knee.

  3. He just explained what he sees in her. He likes the fact that no matter what anyone says about her, no matter how much they trash talk on her, she keeps right on being her. Whether or not you think “her” is a good thing to be, Moze respects that she doesn’t let other’s opinions stop her. Just like him.

    1. Damn rights. And, judging from her reaction, it looks like that might just be the first honest compliment the girl’s ever gotten.
      Kinda a new spin on the whole thing, hey?

  4. I actually really don’t like Moze’s character, for me it seems like he maintains a level of apathy only, and I get jerk vibes from him.

  5. I’m kinda sad that there’s a scene change. I think I’d be totally okay if Templar were 100% Moze, 100% of the time.

    But, I do wanna know what’s happening with the other characters too…

    Damn you for causing this internal conflict!

    1. It’s not his first. The last time was when he was scolding Goblin I believe, and I seem to recall others. But I couldn’t think of where and it’s intirely possible I imagined them.

      I don’t know… whatever, this isn’t his first non-smile.

      1. First non-smile I remember is when Moze was telling Tuesday about Sunny’s immigration issues earlier in this scene. Looking back, there’s also the “I hate semen” grimace, which makes four non-smiles in this scene alone!

  6. Wow…that was oddly cute. Tuesday’s Story Time! : D
    Not exactly what I’d expect from Moze, but it’s definitely something to add.

  7. I’m glad you’re switching the pace up. It might just be webcomics in general, but Templar seems glacial compared to some other longforms. I kinda like it, but it does drag sometimes.

    1. I think it’s just webcomics in general, but it’s still faster than print. Girl Genius began in print form in 2000. In 2005, it began running on the web. It took two years of re-running the print comics along with the new web comics to “catch up”, and for the last couple of years it’s been web-first, with trade paper coming out after each “chapter” (similar to Templar). Running through five years of print in just two years seems pretty brisk. On the other hand, print seems faster because you get a whole book (and a complete story) at once, instead of a few pages a week.

  8. When I first read the little intermission starring Sunny and Moze, I was really unimpressed. They seemed like completely flat characters to me, and though their personalities added to the book they were in, I couldn’t care less about their personal stories.

    My opinion is much different. I can see why Spike is so fond of these two. They’re definately growing on me, and this detour in the story has made me like Moze so much more.

  9. totally diggin’ moze. my last serious gf was a headcase like tuesday, but in different ways. can’t wait to see more of this pair. i doubt she’ll change quickly but y’know, there’s always hope for change. still not sure what she saw in moze to begin with, but i agree with his attitude of rolling with the flow, yet not taking shit from sunny.

  10. This is about the only thing I’ve seen about Tuesday that I like, beside her body. :)

    Okay, buying food for everyone was pretty nice too. And that rant about pimps. Fine, I just love to see people learning things.

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