19 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 59”

  1. Tuesday prolly doesn’t want to take off her clothing yet again…
    “I still like you”, gahahahahah! That is another line that one should not use.

  2. It’s like watching a moldy blob try to eat a porkchop covered in ink.

    Seriously, why do people think a good beating makes an asshole any less of an asshole? Still an asshole. Just an asshole waiting for you to turn your back.

  3. Eh, I don’t think Moze is horny as much as he’s trying to play peacekeeper, ya’know? He knows that Sunny made her upset, he knows that Sunny is an asshole, and he prolly knows the exact reason why Sunny is an asshole, which is prolly why he doesn’t hold it against him. I think Moze is one of those people who can see thru others. He knows Sunny’s tough ass facade is just there to cover something else, and he knows that Tuesday is just like a spoiled kid when she gets her feelings hurt. He’s a good character.

  4. Unless said asshole is beaten so severely that they honestly believe the beater is an omnipotent being of rage and destruction….I have seen it work. however I don’t see it working on sunny. No hope for that type

  5. Whats with all the calling him horny.

    He is just trying to hug her and show affection.

    You know, that cuddling you chicks always say you want after sex…

    Hell even she thinks that is what he is after.

    Clearly never done anything but been used and tossed to the curb after.

  6. Aaaw, he just wants a hug XD

    Tuesday is starting to remind me of the cat in the PePe LePew cartoons on the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show. All Moze needs is a French accent, lol.

  7. She sounds like Feather talking about Gene’s tattoo medicine.

    Also, thank you for not drawing a penis on my Phineas Rage shirt at MoCCA!

  8. Anyone else notice that her outfit made her grow tits? Guess that’s why she looks better with clothes on, she has sense enough to buy padded tops. ;)

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