20 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 61”

  1. Hi there, just read your whole comic. Yes it did take something like 5 hours. Engrossing from the start and really good artwork. Thanks for publishing it to the web.

    Love the sepia as well…dont see that often at all.

  2. Yeah, you’ve got nothing to worry about with the car. It has such a slick, melty, solid quality to it; it’s a great drawing of a car.

  3. Oh, man, I thought it was one of the Elliots for a second and figured that he either cleaned up his act or mugged a hipster for his clothes.

  4. That car is exquisite. How do you keep up this break-neck pace of yours with this level of detail? Are you from the future?

  5. Jason : Bo is the 4th member of Borndown. And yeah, I was thinking of him, too. Just because he’s been mentioned several times, but never seen.

  6. Dr. Bash lives in the same complex as Ben and co — so yes, I think it is the outside of their building. That’s probably Bo, and he’s probably giving Gene a ride to the band practice Sunny was talking about.

  7. I just read the whole comic too. Took me a little bit more than 5 hours though. Excellent work. Totally different than anything I’ve come across. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I’m gonna cast my vote as “Bo”. I don’t know that the shirt means he’s from the Oarlock, just that he’s . . . uh . . . a fan? (Reagan’s comments about him imply he might be the sort who would frequent it.)

    Pretty sure that’s the outside of Ben’s building. Isn’t it called “Abbey Hall”? (Abby?) If it is Bo, he could be waiting on Gene. Gene seems like the type who would keep someone waiting forever just because he got distracted. Repeatedly.

  9. I love this comic~ It has such great artwork, wonderfully shaded, and it inspires me to draw more. >w< Don’t ever stop the comic!

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