Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 57

Sheesh. Some dogs.

And wow, mad props to Tuesday. How fast could YOU put on a vinyl poncho and bodysuit? Not as fast as her, buddy, I can tell ya that much.

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  1. Aww, the way Moze is holding Goblin in the fourth panel makes me giggle with glee. I also love what we can see of Tuesday’s expression in the fifth panel. :D

  2. Goblin is a girl-dog? (Must be & gets jealous when Daddy-Mose “plays” with a new lady friend every day?)

  3. The way I read that, twice, before realizing what it probably meant on the third go round, I thought moze was saying he had fucked his dog so it was jealous of other women he brought home.

    Knowing his character so far, it would not surprise me.

    Also when you have no meat or curves to resist the material, you could put on anything fast.

  4. Space, I’m sad to say I thought the exact same thing for a second… that probably says something bad about our minds. Whatever, blame the internet.

    Anyways, this here’d be my first comment after a few months of reading the comic so if you’re reading this Spike – thanks for all the work you put into it! I’m jealous of your artistic talents.

  5. I am amazed Sunny lets him keep that dog, but Goblin is super awesome. Not as super awesome as Flora, though.

    Maaaaan, all these neat pets, and all I’ve got are stupid CATS. *nudges ’em with foot*

  6. I love goblin! Really dislike that typical rich kid entitlement attitude from Tuesday though. Thats the man’s couch. They’ve got business!

  7. Truth be told, until this comic, I thought it was Tuesday making the barking sounds in some manner of tantrum.

  8. The fact that she wears such tight fitting clothes kind of makes her even more disgusting. I mean… Maybe it’s just cause I like big ladies, I dunno, but… auuuugh, she makes my skin crawl.

    1. At least until Tuesday realizes Pippi is a squealing Nicky fangirl.

      Or Pippi realizes that Tuesday’s the one that Nicky slams on TV.

      ….I see it ending ugly.

  9. I had to read it a couple times. In the fourth panel, I thought Moze was talking to Goblin about Tuesday. It would have been really funny if he had…bc he’d have been telling Goblin that Tuesday is dumb. Maybe he really was, and Tuesday didn’t realize it. :D

  10. Moze and Tuesday are having a good time, and Sunny busts in and loses his shit, and y’all think TUESDAY is the one having a privileged whiny shitfit?

    No way – Sunny is the one who wears that shit.

    I’d go sit my ass down on that couch too. I’d sprawl all over it. And then pretend I couldn’t hear a word that Sunny said.

      1. hey, i generally don’t side with groupies….but if i had just got done fuckin’ and the guy’s roomie came in like Sunny did…..i’d rub myself all over that couch. Nekkid.

      2. It seems pretty clear that Sunny has demonstrated how immature he is. This is unrelated to bands and groupies because we’ve been discussing how the people have actually been behaving.

    1. She’s being sensitive about it because it’s his pet. …She’s turning out to be more than one-dimensional. I like that. (Of course, I don’t think any of these characters are really flat and two-dimensional. It’s a hallmark of this story.)

  11. “Did you SEE how he fucking talks to ME?!”

    Very revealing. Tuesday doesn’t just think Sunny’s behavior is nasty and unwarranted (which it is – that’s kind of Sunny’s whole thing), she thinks it is unacceptable for him to be bitching at HER, specifically.

    It’s kind of funny how, when Tuesday first made her appearance, I thought that she seemed intelligent and interesting and, y’know, sensible. At least moreso than Curio. Now, though…

    Also, seconding all the Moze love in here.

  12. I just imagine she is slick with something and that is why she can get in that so quickly. Honestly my mind disturbs me sometimes.

  13. Tuesday, my darling little stick insect, you really need to get over yourself and get out of the house before Sunny kills you.

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