Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 56

Sunny is probably the only guy on Earth who can get Moze to band practice. Seriously, getting Moze to do what he doesn’t really feel like doing should be classed as a minor superpower.

The scene should wrap up in about a week. I’m gonna miss drawing naked Moze. Naked Tuesday, not so much.

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    1. Truer words may never have been spoken. Something thick with cappicola, sliced sausage, provolone and dripping with dressing might do the trick. Someone put some female sex characteristics on that sad creature!

    2. Agreed. Reminds me of this dancer I saw in a performance in college. Scary skinny, like her skin had been shrink wrapped to her body so you could see every muscle striation. Unsettling.
      But then some people are just skin and bones and there’s nothing to be done about it.

    3. I hate this “eat a sandwich” bullshit. Some people are really that skinny, naturally. I could not gain weight at all until I got on birth control, and it was just as hurtful when someone would tell me to “eat a sandwich” or “stop starving myself” as it is to tell a heavy girl she needs to lay off the cookies.

      1. @ Kelsi: Cry and whine about it, why don’t cha. I hate how with every joke or point someone makes, someone (like you) pops up like, “EXCUUUUUUSE MMEEE HURTFUL COMMENTS NOT OKAY. Discrimination!!!” Um, actually it’s a comment about a specific character. Not YOU. Not all skinny people. But you kindly made it all about YOU and what YOU have gone through. Bravo to self-absorbed behavior.

        1. LOL yes. It’s all about me.

          Come on, comments are about expressing your opinion. (Or my opinion, when it’s me commenting) Every comment is all about me, as it were.

        2. Mishka: please eat five dicks.

          Women have a VERY limited window of what’s considered “acceptable” in terms of body shape and size. Slamming a woman for the size and shape of her body is assy behavior. Insulting someone who calls you on it just exposes your ignorance.

          1. She is unnatracttive because you can count her ribs and despite the fact that she may be predisposed to that body type, if she did just eat a littl ebit more she might actually have more than six pounds of flesh. is the window of acceptable body weight small, yes. Is that fair? I don’t know and I really do’t care but she is still unnatractive because of her habits either way so don’t be such a sensitive bitch.

          2. @Brigid Keely: Because telling someone to “eat five dicks” is such a wonderful thing to do.

            @Tuesday’s body: Fact is, Tuesday’s unhealthily skinny, and if that’s her puking up in the last panel, it means she’s bulimic/anorexic. Got nothing against skinny girls, but it’s obvious that Tuesday is not simply “just skinny”. It’s incredibly noticeable in every nude scene she’s in.

          3. I hate this “Eat five dicks” bullshit. Men have a very narrow window of how many dicks in their mouth is socially acceptable, and some of us have very narrow mouths as well. Slamming a man for the quantity that can fit is just totally inappropriate. And insulting someone who calls you on it is just horribly ironic.

    4. I have NO problem with Tuesday’s figure. I like a thin woman, they’re easier to pick up and hold :D

      Just to make the point as well I have no problem with heavier women (not fat) but not thin either … I think the term is ‘chubby’. Every person is different and fuck all the ‘what’s perfect’ bullshit.

      No one is perfect.

  1. Sunny’s so business oriented that I know he has to be the one to handle all the contracts and talk to all the club owners to line things up, but I still can’t fathom him being pleasant to do so. I start to picture him smiling, even fake, and part of my brain just turns to stone and birds fall out of the sky.

    Is that Goblin barking behind that door? That sounds like a little bitty bug-eyed dog bark.

  2. I’m guessing Tuesday stormed into the other room where Goblin is now barking his li’l bug-eyed head off at her.

  3. I love naked Moze AND naked Tuesday. You have an awesome grasp of real, human-looking bodies, I love it. I’ve never seen a comic artist with that particular skill. The realism and variety of your character art is one of the major things that keeps me coming back.

  4. So, I just discovered your comic and read all the way through the archives, and I swear to god I thought Tuesday was a boy from the panels in this strip. :D Girl has negative titties.

  5. Tuesday is Vegan isn’t she? Thought I remembered seeing that…
    My point being that Vegan’s (aka EXTREEEEME Vegitarians) are usually Carrying 20-40 extra lbs or negative 20-30…Girl needs to balance her diet out. We’re not Herbivores, and we’re not Carnivores, we’re Fracking Omnivore’s for a reason. =-|

  6. This is gotta be like the fifth time I’ve read through the archive now and this dialogue never gets old. Awesome writing!

  7. Re: Tuesday’s skinniness

    Yeah she probably is too thin. Some people are naturally thin, and athletic types do tend to have a noted absence of curves, but she hasn’t picked up muscle to cover her bones like a far-end athlete would have. She probably has really low body fat, is all. Any less and she’d be trouble. As is, she’s probably ok.

    Honestly. Five out of six of the comments on naked bodies are slamming the chick for being skinny, or going to extreme lengths to defend her. Every so often someone is like: “Oh I love naked Moze.” Why? He’s just some fat circumcised dude, ten-a-penny male body figure. These people are naked. These people have certain body types. Can we just accept that like adults? What they look like without clothes is NO BIG DEAL.

    1. I think the point of the naked Moze comments is that we NEVER SEE bodies like his in most people’s artwork. When we do see fat people, it’s generally editorialized: either the image exists to show that Fat Is Beautiful or to show that fat people are hideous, undisciplined slobs. Moze just IS, and that’s awesome. When people see something that is unusual and awesome, they tend to remark on the fact. I just wish the other commenters could let Tuesday exist in the same way.

  9. I’m not desensitized to nudity yet >.> Until I go out and see some real dicks the nudity in this comic is gonna be a slight downside for me.

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