17 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 55”

  1. Sunny’s rages are epic. How many girls that Moze has brought home has Sunny made leave in tears? And I love that it all just washes over Moze like a boulder in the middle of a river.

    . . . and when she GETS that album now, Nicky isn’t going to be her only target, is he?

  2. Jesus! Is Sunny ever not angry? Somebody get this guy some happy pills I think he has some undiagnosed issues.

  3. It’s probably a good thing Sunny is around to stop Moze being taken advantage of. It’s so obvious Teusday’s just there to get the inside shit on their band she’ll take whatever she can get and move on,,,,

  4. For someone constantly eating something sugary (Fried Sugar!), Sunny’s teeth look pretty healthy. Must be good genes from those Egyptians, lucky bastard.

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