New fan art. Also, advertise on TAZ, via Project Wonderful!

Hi again, everybody. I finally got around to posting some fan art that I’ve been meaning to post forever. Dig it!

Gene, by Savannah Wickerhead cosplay, by Ben Spector

Also, anyone who fancies an opportunity to do so may now advertise on Templar, via Project Wonderful! I’m only accepting skyscrapers at the moment, 160 x 600 px. All ratings, no animation, and the minimum bid is $1.00 a day. All new bidders will be screened before I accept them, but once an advertiser is approved, they can bid whenever they like. Let’s see how things works out, eh? Place a bid here!

6 thoughts on “New fan art. Also, advertise on TAZ, via Project Wonderful!”

  1. Whenever I see Wickerheads, I still think of the citizenry of Rhyonon (in Delaney’s _Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand_), wearing their beaded-curtain masks. I’m actually surprised it’s not more commonplace.

    I’m not sure, but I think the code you pasted in for Project Wonderful ads is breaking most of your pages (besides the home page). Take a look?

  2. It’s not breaking anything for me. Are you just talking about the fact that it extends down really far below the actual content? That’s just how things are going to happen with all those old, comment-less pages.

    If it’s something else, though, can I ask what browser you’re using?

    1. I’m noticing the hanging HTML comment-end just below it, along with the bad alignment. The page source shows a lot of poorly-commented-out code, and some mis-matched tags — that’s got me thinking that something broke when the Project Wonderful ads got pasted in.

      Of course, it could have always been this way, and I just never noticed because there wasn’t any content at that point until the PW stuff got added.

      1. Oh, weird. You’re seeing the comment end? And bad alignment? What browser is doing this? It’s testing okay for me in all the browsers I’ve got, but I just upgraded to IE 8, so I can’t actually check with the most likely suspect.

        All the ad code (Project Wonderful and otherwise) is definitely freaking full of comments. I’m hesitant to pull them out in case I trip over some automated “you must use this code exactly as we give it to you, or you forfeit all revenue” bullshit. Anyway, the comments are all properly invisible to me, but I can totally imagine something going wrong with them, depending upon browser or OS.

  3. Well now, what a small world after all. I know Savannah personally and am buddies with her sister. Good to know she’s doing alright on the west coast!

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