Chapter 6: Creative Fiction, Page 11.

Chapter 6: Creative Fiction, Page 11.

Good job, Scip.

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  1. Jen Aside says:


  2. KaZeFenrir says:

    Such a lovely lovely woman. Scipio is such a lucky man!!!

  3. Star Platinum says:

    Oh man. Scip gave someone a piece of mind and suddenly regrets it.

  4. pencilears says:

    OMG, it’s a Christmas Miracle!

  5. Kaypar says:

    Thanks for the gift, Auntie Spike! These updates have been awesome.

  6. deadasdisco says:

    Ha! Man do I love Scip/Reagan interactions.

    PS – Love Reagan in second panel. Quite possibly the best you’ve ever drawn her. Which is saying something.

    PPS – Speaking of personal favs, Scip’s face in last panel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that expressive. It makes a real impression.

  7. NxPND says:

    I love this comic, I’m stoked that it is updating, but I HATE social media. I hope this keeps updating, because I’m not going to go and try to sift through several hundred nonsensical “tweets” to look for information on a webcomic. Especially when the comic has a “news/blog” section on it. Even just a short message to say you’re on hiatus would be wonderful.

  8. TR says:

    Wow! What happened?
    Maybe Scip saw a “death to all women in glasses” tattoo on the cashier’s arm, or something.

  9. Becca says:

    ….Is that lit cigarette going to cause an explosion with that spilled alcohol?

    • Wood says:

      Not unless the bottle contains kerosene. Alcohol will burn, yes, but I doubt it would explode.

      • hideouse says:

        takes more than a cigarette to ignite kerosene. You can throw lit matches at it and it may not ignite.

        • markz says:

          hell you can throw a lit match in to petrol/gasoline and, unless there’s lots of vapor, it won’t explode and most times will just put the match out…
          but hey if there’s one thing the media have taught me it’s to never let science get in the way of a good story

  10. gwendolyn says:


  11. Scip, you are ADORABLE. Never stop being adorable!

  12. leslie says:

    what did scip do?

  13. klaatu says:

    Thank you Spike. May your pibble never be gassy.

  14. Crazeyal Dah Debil says:

    Simple.. The girl means SORTA well.. but she doesn’t know the SHITSTORM she’s sowing. Scip is simply keeping himself out of trouble/jail/morgue when sassy lil’ girl meets Dangerous Mama.