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  1. Templar is already off my favorites, but that’s mostly accidental: my home PC died, and the machines I browse off of now are borrowed. I check Templar about once every two weeks now. If Spike walks away, sadly, she’ll be in good company. Crimson Dark, Tune, and Walking-the-Lethe all went away because the authors found it easier to pay bills doing other things. :( …… (SailorTwain just ended naturally).

  2. I’m starting to hit the advertisements every day now. Maybe it’ll generate a little revenue to help Spike. She was pretty darn invested in this, but I didn’t hear from anyone if she made it to San Diego Comic Con. And if you miss a year – you lose your spot and have to start at the bottom again in regards to getting tables.

  3. Spike,
    Seriously, love the comic but I’m beginning to wonder if an update will occur before my 30th birthday. It’s early morning Labor Day 2012 when I write this. That means 20 more days. I realize life happens and that is why I’ve held off so long in saying anything. I’m going to launch my own comic sometime soon and since I have military obligations besides, I don’t intend to pin my work to a schedule. The MWF headline is a misnomer. I followed your tweets and found some stuff in them that could make it hard to want to update but seriously, at least let us know if you plan on stopping at Mose’s threat of pain to ADB, please?

  4. I haunted her again on twitter.. she has stated on there she intended to be back posting strips on Monday.. but as its now Wednesday.. obviously things arent going well in spike land.

    Why she cant bring herself to post a note on here though I dont know.

      1. C’mon! This is not a petulant request from selfish fandom, I’ve stated my feelings in regards the comic ad nauseam now. I’ve been visiting this site several times a week (and the rest) for months in hopes of either an update for the comic, or an update on spike’s progress overall..

        I even made a goddamn twitter account, something I said I would never ever do (Goddamn social grubbing narcissists I believe was my earliest thought on the whole twitter/face book business.) – and I did so just to try and prompt SOME response from our beloved artist, and it worked.. Just what was said on twitter never got stuck to, but then thats how it goes. Busy people etc. But Taz has been mentioned more and more on there now.

        Just hate to see this great project go the way of so many dead comics out there.

        1. let me rephrase “Could be all the comments, not yours specifically”. Meaning…maybe she doesn’t want to read the string of comments if she posts about when she will be updating again for whatever reason.

      1. Whatever UStream is, it still isn’t a note on the page to say “will hope to resume on this date”, or, as is more likely “Templar’s the least of my problems now and has to wait half an eternity”.

  5. Um UStream is like a streaming Web video, usually webcomic artists show how they are drawing a strip.
    It IS an update. Some of us just simply missed it.

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