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      1. Personally? The guy thought Moze was this big ol’ teddy bear, probably thought that for a long time.

        Then he saw the teddy bear had shiny, sharp teeth, wicked claws, and that Moze was quite capable of tearing him limb from limb.

        Poor guy. Turns out he was only imagining that Moze was safe.

        1. No, Moze *is* safe 99% of the time. So was Vesuvius, which was why they built a couple of towns right next to it.

          1. Ah, yes…I can just imagine Vesuvius with Emilio Estevez’s smile as he looks down at Pompeii and Herculaneum:

            “I’ll make ya FAMOUS…”

        2. Shit. Jason Thorn. Jason Thorn? Do you remember an emotionally stilted community of over religiously inclined opportunists posing as an erudite institution, an institution dubbed calvary christian or soething? Or do I have the wrong Jason Thorn.

    1. If he knows Moze at all and isn’t a moron he should know he wouldn’t be this serious and insistent if it wasn’t really fucking important

  1. How much of a douche does a person have to be to get Moze to that point?

    Someone who probably doesn’t deserve the warning Moze gave him. Time to proceed directly to Quadripelegic Land.

    Count your fuckin’ blessings, ‘Ironsides”.

    1. He has eyes, he just keeps them shut because they’re PURE BLACk, no whites, no iris, just pupil.

    1. Lol. Yeah, the 6′ tall + moze has gotta have like what, 100lb at the very least on the poor guy in the chair?

  2. I love how Moze just goes “bye” like nothing weird just happened AT ALL. EVERYTHING IS FINE. I DID NOT JUST THREATEN TO BREAK A GIMP’S ARMS.

    Also, seriously, where are Moze’s eyes?

  3. That “bye” is intense. That’s Moze knowing full well that he’s lost a friend to help another. And more, that’s Moze accepting that cost.

    Spike, you’re awesome.

  4. I really love the dialogue in this comic. I can really “hear” the pauses, the inflections, the stutters, the volume and the emphasis.

  5. I really want to see Brian again … just to see him picking on Sunny one more time. Gotta love the guy.

  6. I don’t know what looks crazier, the look of surprise in ADB’s eyes or that damn bouffant on his head. Lars’a’marcy, what a ‘do.

  7. One of you that can decipher the Twitter feed – any idea on the chance of having an update in June?

    1. Click within the twitterfeed box, like at the bottom “@Iron_Spike”. I’ve noticed it’s much easier to satisfy my curiosity about creator’s processes by following links to their other internet outlets like twitter or tumblr.

  8. Patiently awaiting comic update. :D Hope all is well with Spike and her studio operation over there.

  9. Going on two months without an update? Can I lobby to at least get the M-W-F removed from the site header? lol

    1. I’m feeling a little bereft here too. I’m wondering if it’s time to go my own sad way back out into a TAZ-free world again.

  10. Hiatus may be upon us. It would be nice if it was acknowledged though. I’ve grown to dislike this page purely because I’ve seen it so many many many times now.

    This is one of my favourate webcomics, its in the top 3. Considering I’ve got over 40 on my hit-list, its very highly rated by me. So much so that Spike could pretty much stab my grandmother and I’d forgive her and ask her to continue producing the comic. Buuuut this long wait with no acknowledgement to her obsessively loving fandom… its not exactly nice.
    [But I dont know if anything’s been said in the forums, as I dont touch forums any more. Too many wasted days and nights.]

    1. I’m honestly not sure if the forum actually exists…the link doesn’t seem to work.

      I hear you on disliking the page. It was awesome for a while, now it’s like “Oh, it’s that page. still.”

    2. Same here on starting to dislike this page and it’s a damn shame. I feel a mini-rant coming on, which is something I don’t normally do towards webcomicists.

      I have no trouble with webcomics going on hiatus (I still love The Meek and it’s been on hold since January) but for god’s sake, tell us about it so we don’t keep coming here and glaring at that same page.

      It’s even worse if you follow spike on Twitter. Often she’s working on Smut Peddler or another project, but every time she’s just chatting about TV or something, I wonder why she doesn’t take literally 30 seconds and make a post here saying “sorry, hiatus, comic next month”.

      Because seriously, two months between pages? And we’re supposed to be in an a quick intermission?

      I won’t play the entitled “you OWE us” card, but in real terms this is a business and we are the customers. I don’t know any other kind of business where you can get away with not even communicating with the customers in two months.

      At least take that damn MWF logo down, eh?

      Okay, rant over. I’ll definitely be back when this comic actually updates, because I love it. Just maybe seeing it before summer end’s would be nice.

    3. I… feel you on this one. It’s more understandable as a one-off thing, the first time it happens, but.. every time there’s a hiatus for a while, there is no way to find out any data about it unless you e-stalk her — so you’re left disappointed 3 days a week, or you check back after a blue moon and there’s half a new chapter up that you could’ve been reading day by day if you had a clue when to come back. I mean, it wouldn’t need to be anything intrusive or pressuring on her schedule. Any kind of note on the front page (so that casual comic readers can find it without having to join/navigate a social networking site) would help a ton — even just “back later” -> “back soon”, and -> “back now” would cover it pretty well.

  11. Hey, long time lurker here. I haven’t really posted ever because most of what I have to say is so well expressed in the comic itself, and my commentary is much what everyone else has said. I’m only breaking my silence because I want to know what happens next SO BAD. >.O I was very curious to see how this develops, and the eager desire turned to gnawing hunger, and is slowly progressing out the other side into expected continuing radio silence and accepting that I might not find out.

  12. What we MUST not forget here is that web-comic artists…like all of us lesser mortals…are subject to the vagaries and pitfalls of life.
    Death, illness, nasty divorces, moves, jail time, witness protection, et al. Or sometimes something as mundane as aquiring and holding down a day job…they have mortgages, too!
    That said, I sincerely hope nothing dire has befallen our beloved Spike (who’s probably at ComicCon at this moment, anyway), and that she returns to us soon, happy and healthy! Do what you gotta do, Spike babes…we’ll wait!

  13. I signed up to Twitter special just to pose the Question to spike. Word is Updates will begin again in 2 weeks.


    (If you wanna confirm what I’m saying, check her twitter thingy for 7am on the 16th July, as in today, the reply to Balisarius.)

    1. Been about a month now, still no peep on the website. (And no, I’m not going to sign up to Twitter, and no, I still can’t decipher the Twitter feed, it looks like random crap to/from random people.)

  14. I’m wondering if we’ll like what we see when the next chapter begins. I sort of expect a ‘new’ Ben who won’t be very likeable unless the meds follow him whereever he’s about to go (w/Jakes or in an ambulance). That on top of head trauma. How mean does Spike feel she needs to be?

  15. The problem with reading Templar: the length of chapters, mixed with the sudden, extended breaks, with a dash of complex storyline, makes for a tremendously hard time keeping up with continuity. Remember when we last left Scip and Reagan arguing about Pippi? That was over a year ago…

    I love it, and I love that I can read it for free, but god damn does it take forever…

      1. To be fair, Megatokyo started going down a completely different hill when Fred left the comic. Which, admittedly, was a long long time ago. I admit to having stopped reading since then, whatever the update status.

        I hope Spike is all right. It seems her twitter status seems to be full of life; maybe she’s just got other projects.

      2. Oh, and I was also a diehard Avalon fan till the bitter text-version end. I’ll be checking here for a looooong time…

  16. I wonder if there will be a KickStarter to get her books published. I’d certainly shell out $15 for a hardback.

  17. I wish Moze would just break his arms and get it over with already… He’s been threatening the poor guy forever.

  18. Hate to say it but I’ve pretty much lost confidence in the TAZ storyline being completed. Chapter 5 has been in progress nearer 3 years than 2 and stalled in the interim for almost 3 months.

    1. I still check back every 2 weeks just in case, but it looks like I could well lengthen that to once a month. :-(

  19. 3 months now of checking every day for an update or even a tiny note regarding the comic. … welp, guess I’m taking this one off the favorites list. Maybe I’ll check back in a year.

  20. I, too, have pretty much written this one off as a loss. Not mad at Spike, she’s got other, income-earning projects going. But I’m disappointed that I’m not going to see a resolution of the story.

  21. I wish I could click something on-site to email me when there’s a new page. I get bummed every time I return and see Moze’s big head.

  22. OK, so it was updates resuming two weeks from July 16? I’m thinking now that it’s August 17, with no sign of life, it’s time to just delete Templar from the ol’ bookmarks. :-(

  23. M – W – F ? and i had literally forgotten this comic even existed. oh well, it was fun, but the let downs are starting to get predictable. see you never.

  24. Spike, come back to us!!!

    Yours is the only online comic franchise I ever bought a piece of merchandise from (still rockin’ my old Reclamation shirt after 5 years).

  25. I check and I check…yet the fury Moze remains the same.

    Big fan Templar – eagerly awaiting the next installment.

  26. oh.. OH GOD! this is where it STOPS!?! I read the entire archive in three days, nonstop Templar.. im’a get the shakes…

  27. Every time I get my hopes up that there’s finally an update, Moze is there telling me, “don’t do that.”

  28. Y’know, with Goggles, we can make our own updates! Now I think we’ve got a much more playful side of Mose.

  29. Is anyone else getting worried that all is not well with Spike?
    SPIKE, babes…are you OK??? Becoming alarmed here…give us a quick update, girl…we be freakin’!

  30. We should do Yaoi based fanfic.
    ADB: You know Moze, I’ve never noticed the color of your eyes until I’ve come this close to you…
    Moze: I never done it with a gimp before. It’s like a beer can you know.
    ADB: Show me Moze! Show me!

  31. Every time I go to delete this off my favorites, I hold onto it, thinking that if I keep coming back there will be an update. :(

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