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  1. I preferred smiling Bo. Seeing him like this puts those eyes of his in a different light entirely. Where a pissed off Sunny is hilarious… this guy.. not so much.

    For those that don’t recall, I suggest checking out the intermission with Uncle Shep.

    1. Logan, as I understand it, that’s the way Arizonans (?), Texans, and New Mexicans pronounce it, so I figure that’s as valid a reading as any.

      1. As an Arizonan, allow me to say, I pronounce it “kai-oh-tee.”
        I think the only people who pronounce it “kai-ote” also say “N’awlins.” And should be PUNCHED.

        1. As someone who grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, everyone I grew up with pronounced New Orleans that way, or very close to it. So if you plan on punching natives for how they pronounce the names of their own major ports, ESPECIALLY Cajuns, I hope your family won’t mind attending a closed-casket funeral. Because Cajuns look upon people who call it “New Or-LEENS” the same way you’d look at a puppy who pissed on the carpet.

          1. Clearly the appropriate pronunciation is the French. “Nouveau Orleans”, new-voh or-le-ohn.


        2. <<<Is from Baton Rouge (Please do not pronounce it BAT-awn Rooj, It's Battin' Rooj)

          Most of the folks I know from the Greater New Orleans area actually pronounce it "N'wahlins not N'awlins. Here we pronounce it New Orlinns, which is probably just as bad.

          As for Kai-oh-tee, The only people that pronounce it Kai-oats are doing so for effect.

      2. NM checking in, we do kai-oh-tee or coy-oh-tay. People caught saying kai-yote are fined two dollars for aggravated folksiness.

      3. (South) Texas here. “Kai-ote” is a redneck pronunciation, what we call “the Twang.” We all have the Twang but it comes in levels. “Kai-ote” is the redneck level. But a lot of us slide deeper into the Twang the more people around us that are talking that way (especially if you grew up with redneck relatives). So a lot of us have said “kai-ote” at least once.

      1. Not replying to tricksterson in particular, he was just at the end of the thread, but man, some of you ppl need to get off your high horses. I’m from Houston and say “Kia-oat” and “Kia-oh-tee” in about equal frequency. Do you /really/ think you need to bitch at people for using their native dialect? I suppose people should just sit in front of network TV all day until we all talk the way that YOU think is “normal”.

      2. Cuz Ralph’s a wolf. Wil-E is the Coyote. Wolves have big red noses, and coyotes have little black ones. Oh, and Jackals are sort of yellowey-greeney in the fur. But they all are played by the same actor.

  2. One of these days moze is actually going to get angry at something, and people will die. They will die SO HARD.

  3. I’m not sure who would be scarier if/when the Jakes try that – Sunny, or Gene.

    We saw what happened when they broke Gene’s Unagi. What’ll he do if they try to break his Sunny?

    1. Or Moze, see Jay?’s comment above. Cause the first thing I thought at the last panel was “ohgod Moze stopped smiling.”

      1. I think the comparison of Sunny to the Unagi was pretty close, actually…Gene likes the band, he likes playing, and Sunny is a major part of the band. *shrugs*

        1. That’s more or less what I mean – Sunny is a thing which allows Gene to continue playing music, and I think Gene understands, in his way, that that means more than just being someone to play with.

  4. I would not underestimate Sunny’s ability to make himself scarce … but yeah, the Jakes are here for a reason and it’s not just to get the money Biggs owes them.

  5. Oh no! Moze stopped smiling! I think this is a first, isn’t it?

    Bo might be a manic low-life perv, but he strikes me as pretty sharp.

    On another subject, was Emma Gene’s ex? If so, why would it matter to the Jakes now? She’s left the group.

      1. Nope. “You dunno where Emma went.” For all they know, she’s gathered the whole family for some nice revenge work, clan-style.

      1. I had a knifebutt on my knee once (although she was a much nicer person than Tuesday) and I can understand the lack of smile.

  6. And we got another one of the myserious pictures of the figure with the upside-down exclamation mark, as a TATTOO on Bo’s NECK. Maybe this guy knows more than he’s letting on?

    1. This is ‘probably the first appearance of that shape / symbol / mark:

      Look in the upper right corner and various other places in that early page. You continue to see it on walls around town like graffiti where someone tool a paint can and splorched it against a wall. I hadn’t noticed it as a tattoo before seeing it on Bo’s neck, though. I have no clue what it means; it’s probably checkov’s paint splotch. I suppose we’ll eventually find out.

  7. I find it very interesting that at first, Bo had kind of a “rugged looker” thing going on, but as the intermission has progressed, he’s gotten more and more unhinged appearance-wise.

  8. Seems Bo is especially knowledgeable regarding Jake’s Kin. If any of Kowalski’s inner circle know as much or more (besides Gene), they haven’t divulged as much.

  9. If Bo is really the quasi-predatory scenester other characters make him out to be he’ll have issues. He’ll be “sharp” in some ways but not in others, and his assumptions about the priorities/practices of a family whose bread-and-butter is methodical criminal activity–with the routine employment of violence as a business tool–will be speculative at best.

    Also, the Jakes have noted amongst themselves that they don’t particularly *like* being in the city (what with warrants already out on one or more of them) but they have Elliott business to sort out as discreetly as can be managed, seem to need Gene for their drug-trippy little pathfinding ritual, and can pick pockets in the meantime.

    Methinks Bo is likely sharpest at playing his instrument, sniffing out vulnerable girls, and a few local-musician survival hustles, but beyond those the sharpest thing about him is the decline of his expertise.

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