Chapter 5: Lit, page 128.


Welp. Stereoscopic vision is overrated anyway.

Drawing that last panel was fun, I have to say.

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  1. You wanna know what else is real quiet?

    A powderkeg.

    Right up to the second that spark falls in it.


    Predicting that within 4-5 pages, Ben’s going to have a costume and be pounding on Templar’s criminal scumbags by night, then swinging away on some kind of grapple-gun line. Or a jetpack. He might get away with a jetpack.

    1. Yeah, I think a lot of us have taken his little bird routine to mean he can’t wreck someone. He’s a skinny dude after my own heart; if he doesn’t leave EJ crippled in some way it will be because EJ managed to run his ass away.

  2. Ooh gods, that’s what Ben’s meds were for ? To repress his murderous instincts ?

    I was hoping for Scip to show up, or Ray, or even Gene or the Jakes. Even Dr Bash would have been useful at that point, but it might turn out that the most violent person in the building could very well have been the one I suspected the least.

    Once you turn on his switch, I mean. Which apparently TJ just did.

    1. Well, basically anything mental that makes you volatile would work. Cause when you snap, you snap, and fuck any thoughts for personal safety.

    2. I think in regards to violence he’s like a smarter version of Gene. Very passive until you press his berserk button and the…no restraint.

  3. *visibly shaken*


    I mean, I’m glad Ben’s not letting himself get all dead, but holy shit. 0.0 Unexpected is an understatement. Undeserved is a lie, or at best, an exaggeration, but daaaaaaaamn.

        1. Well… maybe EJ. Depends how deep his emotional scars go. Hoping he’ll back down like a bully that gets fought back, but we’ll see.

    1. I’m not sure how common ocular penetration is as a fetish in Templar, but considering some of the other items for sale at Kingdom Come , I feel like Spike has already dropped us clues about this…

  4. ah, of course, the scifi classic: ben is a bioengineered assassin, barely retaining his grip on normal life before going on a murderous rampage!

    1. Don’t forget the mental conditioning that makes him flip out and remove eyeballs when someone begins a backwards countdown from three.

      Maybe he’s a cyborg and EJ hit the switch.

    1. The eyeball itself is harder to pierce – you’d need something sharper than the average person’s fingernails – but you can definitely cause enough damage to destroy the vision. (Or even dislocate the eyeball, in which case ripping it off isn’t all that difficult.)

      1. I think that’s what Ben is going for. As you mention the eyeball itself is surprisingly tough. But it’s also relatively easy to scoop oout of the socket if you know the proper technique. Which it looks like Ben does.

  5. Oh and one thing they taught me in self defense classes is as soon as you take your attacker down you run… That’s if you are smart or sane. Somehow I think Ben is lacking one of those right now. I fear the upcoming change to his character. Hello, Mr. Hyde.

    1. Taken down doesn’t always stay down long enough to run away, unless you give them something else to worry about, like a stomped ankle or hyperextended knee. I suppose they gouged eye will work fine enough ;)

      1. That’s true…though kicking someone is a lot less dangerous than sitting on top of them to poke their eye out. I suppose we’ll find out if Ben is attactually self defending versus “berserking” in the next few comics, but either way I bet this is the point where his personality changes as Spike has mentioned it will. …goes to get some popcorn…

        1. I’m voting for berserk mode right now. Been there once or twice myself. (Years of bullying preceding said incidents. No bullying afterwards.)

  6. I’m torn between “YESYESYES” and “where did Ben learn to fight like that?” Was he a child soldier before adoption, or something? Surely that particular technique isn’t covered in any self-defense classes he had access to at home…

    1. Or maybe he had a bullying big brother? If you’ve ever been in a good old-fashioned sibling fight, you’ll know that kicking someone’s legs out from under them is the best strategy. Of course, since said sibling also knows this, they’d’ve likely positioned themselves so that they fall ON you instead, which allows them to do so with a strategically aimed elbow.

      No, we didn’t maim each other growing up; we didn’t actually go for the kill. But it gave some interesting pointers for possible desperate self-defence situation in the future.

      1. Yes. Most of what I know about joint-locks and pressure points I learned from experimenting on my big brother. Most of what he knows about bullying, psychological warfare, and dodging quickly he learned by messing with me.

        Unfortunately none of this knowledge makes either of us a better person than we might be.

    2. Learning to leg sweep is a pretty standard self defense move. They also teach eye poking to disable the attacker enough you can run. Jumping on you attacker and gouging out an eye Is not a covered subject, though…

  7. Well I’ll be….GO BEN GO you crazy concussed little dude!!! Is he even gonna remember this? I don’t care! Win before EJ can regain the advantage! He’s probably more experienced so kick him when he’s down!!!

  8. Ben: quiet doormat except when SHIT GETS REAL. There is something so satisfying about seeing a meek character switching on the survival instinct. To eleven.

    When an unhinged Elliot is about to brain you with a scrap-metal gun, you either get primal on his ass, or you don’t – no formal lessons required.

  9. Just noticed, previous page, panels 2 and 3, the framing strongly suggests that Ben sees that his assailant has his bag. Is this Ben being protective of his work, perhaps?

    1. Or it’s just an “if I don’t fight back, he’ll kill me – oh, and I need that Unagi controller – but I need to do something or he’ll kill me” reaction, where his possessions are a secondary or even a tertiary concern.

      Or else he really has a second, psychopatic self, and EJ just flipped the switch between the two.

      1. You don’t remember him flipping out over his belongings being out of his possesion before, hmm? Yeah, it could be survival instinct, but then again it could also be hyper sensitivity to others taking “HIS” things. Although it’s likely a combination of both.

  10. BoyFights VII – Two short, under-medicated mental cases step into a crappy apartment building, only one comes out!

    PLUS Baby Buster: “I don’t want to go back to Templar!”

  11. That last panel is physically painful to look at, and yet… I can’t help going back to look at it, time and time again.

  12. Holy Hell! I kinda figured Ben Had a “Hulk Smash” side when he was repressing rage at having his home intruded on by a little girl, But Jesus I almost feel sorry for that kid now, i don’t, but almost. Most likely Unless Elliot can Brain him with that Jake gun again, Ben is gonna gouge both of his eye out and or kill Elliot

    1. I’m actually surprised Ben didn’t get kicked in the nads/stomach/chest during that interval, but maybe EJ was just so totally surprised and/or got the wind knocked out of him when he fall. Still, I would have thought his street-wise survival skills would have reacted before Ben did.

  13. Oh yes I gotta go Templar woo to the woo on this one.

    Love to see some survival instinct kicking in with Ben. It’s also awesome because not too long ago Ben wasn’t sure he wanted to live, let alone fight for his life. He’s come a long way.

  14. While I’m glad the comic is continuing, I’m worried about another long hiatus coming. Wouldn’t it be better if the comic updated, say, once a week?

    Also… “GO, BEN, GO!”

  15. I don’t think EJ will be able to command a very high price as a rent boy after Ben is through with him.
    Assuming he ever had that high a price… And y’know, if he’s alive after.

  16. Therapy and pills may have nothing to do with this reaction. Back when I worked in corrections I saw some real horror movie stuff inflicted by mellow guys moved by sheer animal terror. Just throwing that out there.

    1. Then again, we’ve seen Ben flip out over his personal space before. He’s VERY protective of his space and his things. Someone above mentioned the incident when Zora entered his apartment, then there’s him scrambling to find his meds, all sorts of little things where he gets panicky over crossed boundaries.

      I mentioned above, but again, I think it’s both survival instinct AND oversensitivity to intrusion on his “personal space” that are at work here, otherwise why have all those little prior details?

      1. I’m guessing it’s panic, whatever his meds suppress, the personal boundaries, survival instinct and concussion all mixed into Ben the Berserker.

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