Chapter 5: Lit, page 113.

This page helped me learn Manga Studio; it’s the only TAZ page where all the inks are completely digital. This page, as a result of being a guinea pig, is less than thrilling.

Sorry for the wait. Hopefully, the next one will be faster.

24 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 113.”

  1. Eh. It’s not bad at all, and after the whole OMGF of the shop, the slightly cleaner, understated style does a lot for this page.

  2. I liked that Spike showed her unmarked face. She’s very pretty. For some reason what I’m guessing is First Nations blood also is a lot more evident.

    1. The clothes, hair style and the nose. She doesn’t have the complexion or facial structure (ex- no predominant cheekbones) to look like most First Nation people I’ve met. I can’t help but think she’s actually something more like Italian and possibly related to Regan, but who knows? She’s quite pretty either way. :)

      1. I am pretty sure she is Nile, considering the context. Besides, one needn’t “look First Nations” to be so. Nor does one always “look Jewish.” Or have mocha-coloured skin to be mulatto.
        Keep in mind that the vast variations of genetics should be given greater consideration than social pre/misconceptions. It will keep us out of a fair amount of avoidable trouble.
        I myself do not specifically look like any of my cultural/genetic roots.

  3. I love panels 1 and 2. We get to see Patti have a moment to just take a moment to herself and react to what happened now that she’s not being buffeted by anyone else’s input.

  4. man i love manga studio. once you get the hang of it it really streamlines comic making. especially perspective and the like.

    i love her teehee face.~

  5. It all still looks like Spike inks, though. This is a good thing.

    So, I like Hypatia before this. That second panel made me fall in love with her. I’d seriously quit walking and just stare if I saw her on the street with that expression on her face. Amazing work, Spike.

  6. I honestly love the way this turned out and can see a major improvement. Especially on panel 2.

    But, you’re the artist. If you don’t like the results, then BACK TO INKING TRADITIONALLY :D

  7. I quite like the new inking style, I’d love to see a stream of you doing a page in Mange Studio to compare it to the previous process.

  8. It is a little more flat, a little less vivid this way… makes me think Disney. I’m sure you’ll find a balance, though.

    Kind of afraid to find out what’s making Patti laugh…

    1. I know Pippi’s date was driving a car a couple chapters back. Otherwise, I don’t remember any others. Good point.

      1. So he was, good catch; spotted a couple hanging around the margins at the beginning of this chapter too, so they’re definitely around, just kind of scarce in the Templarverse. Pedestrian oriented city planning: good for the environment, good for panel layouts.

  9. So… this definitely isn’t the M-W-F comic that’s advertized, is it? I’m seeing updates once a week at best.

  10. I’m loving Hypatia. I know she hates that birthmark, but she is SO cute.

    I had a friend (we are no longer so close) who insisted that female beauty be perfect. I could not convince him that what made a woman beautiful was not her perfection but her imperfection. We had a huge ‘discussion’ about it, after which I never felt the same about him.

    Sad that so many are like him.

    Hypatia is beautiful.

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