33 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 112.”

    1. I’m not so sure of that. She did leave her copy of his book on the stairs behind her. I don’t quite know what’s going on here.

      I didn’t figure Ben for being a “Double Life” fan.

      1. I think the Giant Flaming Heart makes it pretty clear. She’s just got to get herself together and she’ll be hiding in Ben’s shower in no time.

        His front door doesn’t even lock.

      2. well in a way he is living a double life. or at least trying to change from what he was before he came to templar. maybe he is trying to figure out how one can completely separate them selves into two different personalities, and then chuck the one he doesn’t want to be.

          1. Practice makes perfect, and the crossover between pet training books and cognitive / behavioural psych textbooks is amazing. You can’t change everything, but with persistance and determination you can encourage some pretty striking changes in yourself or semi-cooperative loved ones. The key is just to ensure you’re happy at each stage along the way, rather than doing nonsense you think you’ll theoretically be happier with later.

            This is probably a bit of a tangent off of where you were going with this, but in case you were serious. :)

    1. Oh I don’t think that’ll be a problem. What I would love is if she started hanging around his apartment house and runs into freckle girl and they bond over him.

      1. No tapping the glass, though. Getting to know anyone from the building would definitely count as tapping the glass.

  1. Oh, -lovely-. Not only does he write something she’s obsessed with, but he reads everything she does too.

    I almost expect she’d write a sappy ‘anonymous’ love story of some sort (involving a girl named Aitapyh and a guy named Nimajneb) and hide it in one of the copybooks he’d pick up.

    Just to show she CARES.

  2. Ahaha! With Patti here we gonna have a problem!
    Valentine is what Reagan would have been if she wasn’t a woman and had nurturing instincts and things. He’s small-time Reagan.

    1. There will always be a Reagan. He just needs to blossom, land a job at the porn store, and acquire his Scipio.

      One Reagan, in all the world…

  3. Oh man, I just realized: Ben’s gonna find Patti’s highlighted copy of his copybook when he goes to pay at the counter there.

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