20 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 110.”

  1. I don’t know how you keep coming up with “best parts” for your comic, but I’m glad you do. Thanks.

  2. Ha! I’ve been waiting with so much anticipation for this update, and now that I’ve read through it I’m right back to waiting for then next one. Patti’s meltdown is hi-fuckin’-larious.

  3. Is this what it’s like when you meet some of your fans?

    Or do you just get like this when you’re near your favorite artists?

    1. Having heard the tale of the author’s first face-to-face with Neil Fallon, it would seem writing for Patti in this scene was not too terribly difficult… ;)

      That said, I am loving watching this play out. And agreement on the ghostly flailing arms FTW.

  4. I am *loving* all the updates lately. And as someone above me expressed, how DO you keep coming up with “best parts” and “best characters evarrr”? It’s awesome. <3

  5. I don’t know why, but for some reason the lack of punctuation in Val’s text in the first panel actually makes it awesomer. Like he’s just shoving words at her wherever he can get a break in the squee.

    1. This, along with a few other things in this recent storyline, has made me feel like Spike’s taking some influence from Achewood (and mainly putting it in Val). Whether or not this is true is irrelevant, but if it IS, I would be pretty pleased. Either way, this particular storyline is really shining for me, just loving it!

  6. The middle panel freak-out made me laugh out loud in real life, it works so well. Especially as this comic lacks the usual “comic effects” (think superhero comics), that this one panel sticks out (positively) from the rest. Hyperactive nervous hands couldn’t be depicted better. :-)

  7. is it weird that Patti reminds me of my Mom? The hair, the flailing, the inability to socialize normally with people she admires….

  8. The more I read Val, the more I hear his words in a thick southern drawl.

    This -may- have to do with most of the locals around here (Southern Florida) having accents thicker than the immigrants they wail are taking over the country. Statistically, it’s a city. Strictly speaking, it’s a rest stop for people going anywhere but here.
    (What follows is both a phoneticization of local dialect and the unfortunate truth about my ‘home town’. Grammar-friends, ye not wanted here.)

    Four stop-ites innis here town, an’ only one-a them anywhares offa the MAIN road. Sheeit, mos’ people comin’ thru hur lookin’ fer ‘Mokalee ‘r Lee-high!

    (Average 85~90 WPM typing speed with proper grammar, and I think I might’ve broke 50-ish writing that. Ow.)

  9. How the fuck he like a bird- I love the accents of people in Templar. Reagan speaks with as many apostrophes as possible, and Ben started doing it too, and now Valentine has the most lovely accent. You gunna love this shit!

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