Chapter 5: Lit, page 100.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 100.

This page took too long.

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  1. fme says:

    It was worth it.

    • M says:

      very nice pics, love the last panel, one of my fave pages in one of my fave webcomics.

      Keep up the good w**k.


  2. norm says:

    Aah, but it’s great. I love the filthy urban underbelly of Templar. :D

  3. kagato23 says:

    Oh… does this mean butler-girl is in fact a girl?
    I… I’m still okay with this actually.

    • Luneward says:

      I doubt it, unless that is fake stubble. Probably all part of the job/uniform. If this building is run by Orpha herself, it wouldn’t surprise me if she switched everything like this around just for her own amusement.

    • Luneward says:

      OH! You meant the woman in the butler suit. No, pretty sure that is a woman. That seems to be the point/theme here.

  4. Ganurath says:

    …Is that a crenellated wall surrounding Templar?

    • Chris says:

      I think its Loftwall. I remember reading somewhere that it was a neighborhood centered around a 17th century wall that was IMPORTED to Templar by some fatcat to give the city some “culture.” I think it’s just apartments now.

  5. Last panel is awesome. I know how much you hate drawing architecture.

  6. Pearle says:

    Ok, so that’s the Phocas, but why the heck is there a huge wall running through Templar?

  7. No shit this page took you a while to draw. I’d be surprised if you could just hammer this out in no time. Look at all that intricate landscape and architecture. It’s awesome.

  8. It took so long because it is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING.


  9. WoS says:

    Oh hey, there’s the riverbed. Wonder if Ben’s got his mask yet? Windy season has to be getting close.

    • Kysec says:

      Ever since Ben turned that dummy box on, I’ve been worried less about the dust, and more about about a cascading wall of water raging down the bed of the Phocas, and whether that will make the normal miner’s lung look like a picnic by comparison.


  10. tias says:

    Oh my god Nicky

    I reaaaaally hope that Tuesday is able to find a copy of that album. I want to see if he can take it as well as he can dish it.

  11. Spafoom says:

    this page is really super beautiful
    and i really like your birds
    and their soulless little eyes

  12. Lore says:

    I want to have sex with your art.
    That last panel. Unf.

  13. Redo19 says:

    For a second I thought Bradley threw her out the window.

  14. tricksterson says:

    Everythings better with Corvidae.

  15. Alan says:

    Curious about who lives in that shack down at the bottom of the riverbed. Or what they keep there.

  16. Orinocou says:

    No, this page is beautiful. I could look at that bottom panel for a long time. Also, I like Zebulon’s little half smile in the top panel. It makes me like him more.

  17. Ziggy Stardust says:


  18. Khazoolu says:

    Okay, I just want to throw this idea out there, I could be totally wrong:
    Orpha is Tuesday’s mom.
    I know, she didn’t say so in this scene, but she just reminds me of Tuesday’s mom from the “Moms” bonus comic. Same look, build and supercilious attitude.

    • EatBooks says:

      Tuesday’s mom shows up in an “Extras” comic. Also, it’s been mentioned she works for a magazine.

  19. EatBooks says:

    A few pages ago, they were talking about record rainfall in California, but the river’s DRY.

    I’m so glad I’ve stuck with this comic.

    • Meretrix says:

      What if all that water is currently on its way downstream?

      There appear to be quite a few structures IN that riverbed….

  20. Scaryboots says:

    I would like Bradley pliz.