Chapter 5: Lit, page 84.


People determined to disenfranchise themselves and imperil their well-being, by voting against their own best interests?



Good thing this is just fiction, amirite

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  1. That would mean we live in a country with too many uninformed voters. That doesn’t happen here in the good ol’ U.S. of A! Amirite?

          1. Siiiigh. Repost for proper “reply” protocol.

            He couldn’t have folded it – he took the frame it was in as well.

    1. It’s whatever was hanging up in a frame above the “Staff Recommendation” shelf. Not the cuddle-parlour picture, though, I think… o.o;

    2. It’s whatever was hanging on the wall above the “Staff Recommendation” case. You can see the blank spot on the wall.

    3. My first thought was also Ben’s “screen” or laptop or whatever they call it, but Mesmer’s got it in the breakroom. Maybe it’s the clipboard with the master do-not-sell list?

    4. What ever it is, he appears spooked/scared about it. Perhaps something to do with his horrible past? Or perhaps he doesn’t HAVE a horrible past, but is just posing like he did (street cred gets you a long way)… In any case, it must be something he doesn’t want other people to see/read.

  2. You know only someone who apparently has a Pastime boyfriend and roommate would go to such lengths to differentiate themselves from them.

  3. Can’t be the laptop. Mesmer’s currently looking through that. It looks to be some case or display off the wall.

    1. Wait, scratch that, I’m sorry, the previous commenters about the paper in the frame are right. The placement of the word balloon made it look like the Cock of Science was gone.

      He *should* be stealing Vlad, though, seriously.

  4. Man, If Gordon’s shirt stays like that, he’s gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do… On a side note, I’m glad I checked for updates 2 days in a row.

    I think I love Flannery.

    1. Well it’s not like Mesmer’s paying any attention, so whatever Gordon’s nicked, he just needs to get it out of the store. I still think he’s hiding it more to keep it away from people’s eyes than out of any thief’s instinct.

  5. He took Flannery’s picture. I think he’s got a crush. I think he freezes when he tries to talk to her.

  6. I got the same look on my face as Gordon when I discovered that he, in fact, has the capacity to be surprised – all this time I thought he was a catatonic, cold-blooded murderer. Also, I’mma vote on that being someone’s picture too; it’s no use removing the no-sell list if basically every employee knows they shouldn’t sell to Gordon.

    1. Great, “cerebrate Halloween” just put the mental image of a giant writhing maggot in a Sailor Moon outfit in my head. THANKS INTERNET

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