13 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 65.”

  1. Wow. Now THAT’S what I call your parents having high hopes for you.
    Seriously though, I love the slightly strange names you use. It’s just another little thing that enhances the sense of the “otherness” of Templar’s world.

  2. I’m imagining Cully’s childhood.

    “My family’s IRISH. We are PROUD OF IT. And if you give me shit about it again, you will suddenly be in pain. And the reason why you will be in pain is that I will have gotten drunk, beaten your stupid ass to a pulp, and shat in the wounds.”

    I’m declaring that canon within my own mind.

  3. Well, there goes Scip’s last credibility as a sane and somewhat intelligent person in Reagan’s eyes…

    “You told her you got her police record and showed it to her boyfriend, and you have to _wonder_ why she tried to torch your place???”

  4. God, this is brilliant. More and more often when I read Templar, I find myself reading the lines out loud, reading the emotion and tone of voice into them. the writing and characters are just BRILLIANT. i feel like i know Ray personally.

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