Chapter 5: Lit, page 50.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 50.




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  1. pencilears says:

    because who could upstage this show? really.

    makes me wonder if they get atheists in the speakers corner too.

    • Jen Aside says:

      Atheists are as loud as anyone else… unless you mean do they count as a religion.

      Agnostics would be even more interesting… “DON’T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING!! MAYBE!! WHO KNOWS WHAT IT ALL MEANS I DUNNO!!”

      • M says:

        Surely the Agnostic position is more

        “Live a good life.” “It doesn’t matter if there is a one God, many, or none, What counts is the here and now.” “Why do you need to be forced into doing the right thing by fear of Hell or promise of Heaven?” “Why do you need priests or Gods, to tell you what to do?” “Surely in your heart of hearts YOU know what the truth is.”

        I’ll stop ;)


      • TQ says:

        Religion is like Schroedinger’s Cat for Agnostics.

        Is there really a God and afterlife? You won’t know until you die. And even if it is, how do you know it was there before you died?

        I think there time on Speakers corner would just be a sealed crate with “GOD” written on it.

      • tricksterson says:

        On that note I wondwer if the Church of Slag-Bah has a day?

      • Quill McGee says:

        Bayesianism would be even more interesting. how do you pronounce P(A|B)=(P(B|A)*P(A))/P(B)?

      • Chris W. says:

        Militant Agnostic: “I don’t know whether God exists — AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE!”

  2. Michelle says:

    My favorite Templar pairing as of yet.

  3. Domini says:

    For some odd reason, I’m thinking that if you mushed the two of them together, then made two people again, you’d have two regular-sized people.

    That said, I do like the first panel, a lot.

  4. BrianS says:

    Maybe some of the atheist activists could pop over from “Darwin Carmichael…”

  5. ColdFrog says:

    Amish? Amish exist in Templar? How has this crazy world twisted them so? There’s no way anyone would allow them to simply exist in this universe.

  6. Citrus says:

    Am I only just now realizing that Moze speaks in this way?

  7. Maritza says:

    Yep. He treats her as she was a reluctant cat.

    And then she does act like a reluctant cat.

    God I love ‘em.

  8. Kite says:

    Is Moze trying to sound more caveman so Tuesday will feel all socioeconomically avant-garde by dating him?

  9. stacey says:

    Huh. Tuesday lied about not having any messages. Curio’s drunken rant might have affected her more than it seemed.

  10. Mary says:

    Ohh, I can’t stop laughing about that “The Amish never take their turns on the street corner for preachyness” part.
    Also Moze’s sudden hugs.

    • cyanmanta says:

      Heh heh… You’d wonder why there would even be a time slot for them, since the Amish are just quiet and polite and do their own thing. I have to admit I’d love to see an Amish elder standing on top of a soapbox trying to convert people, just for the irony.

      • Djorra says:

        Thing is, you can’t ‘become’ Amish. They don’t let anyone in by definition. That’s why the population is dwindling.

  11. diTaykan says:

    I cannot be the only one who thinks that Tuesday’s bikini bottom thing looks like a diaper.

  12. Pseudo says:

    The outfit is somehow perfect for her; she’s like a sexy lil’ garbage bag.

  13. Fidget says:

    Moze and Tuesday interactions always make me grin like a moron. I don’t even know why I love Tuesday so goddamn much, but I really do.

  14. RV says:

    Are you back to backdating comics, Spike?

  15. Reia12 says:

    What the fuck is Tuesday wearing?

  16. John says:

    I’ve been reading Templar from the beginning for the past few days, and now I’m caught up. That’s such horrible news, now I have to wait and get my templar bit by bit, like a scavenging dog. I’ll never feast unhungrily (for who could want more?) on a banquet of Templarism for days at a time, orgy of readership, ever again. I enter the Nun of INRI and see the world ahead of me a bit drearier than the one I am leaving. Please put these comics out as quickly as you can creatrix, only the lowest rabble swine could miss that these are pearls you put before us.

    • Mariposiosa says:

      Welcome to our world. We’ve got coffee and donuts, please help yourself and then have a seat with us.

      Good, good… now everybody, I’d like you to meet our newest member, John.

      group: “Hi John.”

    • 10dancy says:

      I miss the good ol’ days of reading a dozen strips at a time myself… they certainly are addicting. Like opium, or pornography… or Brazilian opera, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  17. John says:

    Also, please give us more infor about Jake’s Kin. They’re fascinating in a “My god what started all this?” kinda way. Any truth to rumours that “Jake” is the biblical Jacob, or is he a more modern prophet? Please tell us, we thirst at the foot of your font of knowledge.

  18. pyano says:

    Aaah, such a perfect tsundere/deredere relationship! I am always reminded that it is a classic dynamic for a reason.

  19. Kysec says:

    My god! Speaker’s Corner has nothin’ on these comment threads sometimes. Imma go make some POPCORN!

  20. Kyoki says:

    Hehe…. I think he’s my favorite out of all the characters. I dunno, it’s just the goofy smile that makes me go “D’awww!’

    … not sure I’d be up for the attention he seems to pay, but ‘D’aww!’ nonetheless!

  21. redo19 says:

    …Oh my god. There used to be this show on CityTV called Speaker’s Corner.
    It was this booth where anyone could come up and say whatever the hell they wanted, and the best stuff would be broadcast on the show. And it makes me shudder to imagine this guy on that corner, spouting off about godly spunk.