Chapter 5: Lit, page 39.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 39.

A lawyer, in other words.

Which explains a few things, really.

Discussion (17)¬

  1. jonboy1987 says:

    can i just say that i love the whore called dinah a trick? real classy broad.

  2. Jo says:

    I love Dinah. She’s one of those people who Get Shit Sorted Out. But I bet I’d hate to have to work with her.

  3. DCB says:

    The indignity on #9′s face when the word “Restraining Order” comes out just tickles me silly.

  4. Jerry says:

    Someone’s gonna have some back pain, if she doesn’t already.

  5. AdamZero says:

    I hope Mr. John is taking note here. It’s clear Dinah isn’t above subverting his authority to roast any potential threats.

  6. Dear Dinah, I want to be your Barney.

  7. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Haha, number nine is awesome. Storming in there and yelling at everyone, not even giving a fuck.

  8. EatBooks says:

    Best be moving on, Number 9. Barney has a camera, a hook hand, and a lawyer who will legally bite off your face.

  9. TradeMark says:

    Is it bad that I watch Dinah and I feel like I am watching myself?

  10. pencilears says:

    oh right, they are supposed to be almost all lawyers. I forgot. :B

  11. Agent Kaypar says:

    I can’t think of anything meaningful to contribute here, so I’ll reiterate that those are some very nice breasts on #9.

  12. Bryy says:

    I love the posture in this strip.

  13. Slothrop, T. says:

    #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9……