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  1. Poor Numbers. She needs to breathe and relax a bit.

    And how ominous is that last bubble? Are they under attack? Can’t wait to find out!

    1. If you didn’t have a digital (think iPod type) recorder, what WOULD you record someone’s speech with? Taperecorders still exist, ya know. :-P

  2. I’m assuming she taped them off the radio, like we all used to to back in the days before internets. Barnabas seems more like a radio broadcast kind of guy than a live tv feed.

  3. Nah, they’re bootlegs. She attends every single rally and carries a tape recorder. And spare batteries for the recorder. And spare tapes, I bet, in case one of them breaks.

          1. And some of us just decide to get a better quality product with more file space for less money than a silly toy based on a gimmick. :P

          2. Jeezus I’m guessing you never miss an opportunity to try to make people ashamed for making more money than you. When I was young even the people on welfare were richer than us and we could only spend 1/4 of the amount on groceries that people who got food stamps could. I’m sure there are tons of people in the US who grew up poorer than me too.

            Anyway, digital audio recorders are the same price as tape recorders and they have much better audio quality. Also, digital audio files don’t degrade over time and they are easier to share over the internet.

          3. Nah, I’m seconding the motion that your flip presumption of what constitutes “normal” purchasing power was minor league douchebaggery. I get all my tape playing devices at thrift stores for five bucks or so; cheap iPods start around $60 new, and any that can be had second hand are probably half dead already.

            It’s not how much money you have, it’s how much money you just casually assumed everyone else has that was grating. iPods are luxury items for most people who get paid by the hour.

            Jerry– it would be baffling for a technological timeline with Templar’s level of internet immersion not to have something like an iPod; it was hardly the first MP3 player. Maybe there Steve Jobs built Apple after all, but the company folded hard in the early ’00s because they never developed the iPod and just couldn’t stay solvent selling their brilliant but guffawingly overpriced computers.

            It would be awesome the Templarquivalent iPod looked like an F10 MPman.

          4. Not trying to guilt anyone, really, just pointing out the realities of life. And Numbers said she was student – that would imply to me that she doesn’t have tons of money, so a tape recorder and tapes would be cheaper for her to get (of course she’s going to have to keep buying tapes, but that’s in the long run) than a digital recording device (they cost a lot to get, though the use is then quite cheap).

      1. This is Not Your Timeline. iPods were never invented because Steve Wozniak joined the Marines and got killed in a training exercise. Or he got really into muscle cars and meth instead of computers. Or he was never born.

  4. I was just thinking this was an topical chaper,
    numbers fangirling out is about perfect comic for the end of comicon.

    1. Hmmm, not so much fangirling out as fangirl imploding.
      I suppose when you hold someone in such high esteem when you meet them you see yourself as awful in comparison. The more you idolise a person, the more the, uh, comparitive self beat-up.

    1. unfortunately, quite often, ideological visionaries have a remarkable lack of vision for the realistic necessities, Dinah and her ilk are a “necessary evil,” I think.

      1. Well, let’s face it, dreamers can dream, but dreamers need people to help make that dream a reality, or else a dream is all that it is. Idea men often make lousy accountants.

    1. But I thought this building already belonged to the Rec? I mean, if EJ was the one that “torched” the place, that was when the Elliots were getting the boot from living in one of the Rec communes.

  5. I like the use of different font size and extra periods for emphasis in the last panel, and I am enjoying the further development of reclamation’s backstory/ideology, keep up the good work spike.

  6. Just finished reading through the archive, and I’m loving this comic, reminds me a little of Love and Rockets. Keep up the good work…

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