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  1. Shaky Baby Deer’s execution and understanding of the fundamentals of design go a long way towards telling a story. However, the somewhat-nuanced content conveyed with that fiercely independent style winds up turning away some would-be readers, who arrive without context. Additionally, his herbivore drawing style can put off readers with front-oriented stereoscopic vision, made more for hunting than for being aware of potential predators. Some injokes about moss and the various stages of horn growth are lost even on the enthusiastic majority of SBD’s readership, and the endless paragraphs of self-aware explanation do little to alleviate that. I first received a link from a successful webcomic to SBD, however, at the barrage of attention, the website froze for a few, tentative moments, before loping into the undergrowth. It was not until coaxed out, with a small handful of milled oats, that I was able to enjoy its content. However, it is a fine read, and I recommend everyone check him out. Just, do it slowly. No, hold on, you’re scaring him.

  2. I’m dying to know who Shaky Baby Deer represents. He’s gotta be making comics about his desperate, traumatic con experience soon.

  3. Haha. Is this burning inept webcomic artists like Jam from Wasted Talent and Mookie from Dominic Deegan. I’ve seen them at seperate cons and they are awkward mice.

    1. hell, so’s Aaron Diaz, so’s lots of people I don;t know but I definitely saw at the con’s I’ve been to cowering behind their booths. I feel bad for them because I know that I’m not that good at art but I’m pretty awesome at being outgoing and selling shit and I cannot say “sit up, smile, be engaging” for fear of scaring them further.

      the artistic “let me sit in my wooded glen and create beauty, truth and comics away from the distractions of the world” doesn’t translate real well to the harsh world of the con.

    2. Good God, man, Dominic Deegan? That was one of my first webcomics and I forgot all about it! *shuffles off to read*

      1. You picked a helluva time to get back into it. Mookie just dropped its’ furst proper F-bomb a few pages back, and it wasn’t even an angey one.

        …of course, whether angry or not, metal does often beget many an F-bomb…

  4. Logan wins.

    I have to say, being a “shaky baby deer” type myself, these few were exceptionally hilarious, even for Spike. Something about the expressiveness of the pencil art, the situation, and the “timing” of the captions just puts it in a whole new category of transcendently, breathtakingly beautiful/funny.

    Kind of weird to say these things about sketches, maybe, but still, some of the best stuff of the year.

  5. Could we please have more Shaky Baby Deer? He’s too funny to limit to just four really excellent cartoons. :)

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