20 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 25.”

      1. Holy f– y’know what? If I met Zora in RL, in Ben’s shoes right THERE… Yeah. Absolutely I would be “You’re coming with me, Zora, NOW.” WTF, this makes me weep. ‘Coz I know that while Jakes don’t exist, fracked-up, crazy zealot fucktards who wreck and fuck up children DO.

        ijustwanttosaveallthebabies :_(

  1. Oh hey, Zora. You’re probably gonna have a fuck ton of issues in your teens and beyond.

    At least you seem pretty smart.

  2. ok wow. i mean, i hate kids, for the most part, but i’ve gotta say, zora seems to be losing some of her “whee, life!” innocence or something and it’s breaking my heart a little. :(

    1. SOME of her innocence? Zora is so far from “innocent” at this stage, it would take light a thousand years to get from “innocent” to Zora.

      Fuckin’ Jakes.

  3. Yeah, no, I don’t think Ben knows HOW to help a crying girl. I predict awkward standing around in silence or possibly (if he’s bold enough) an awkward hug.

    1. He’s listening. He’s adding information. Plenty of adults would’ve done worse in helping. Ben’s doing great up until the point he retreats to being an adult and defaults to some social small talk about school.

  4. Poor Zora. Shes over here looking for a game controller for her dad while her grandmother swills moonshine jars down her daddy’s throat and her only other caretaker is headed out for another day of selling Cocks of Science to cantankerous old men and questionable parole cases.

    Its like living in Detroit, minus the rampant unemployment and meth.

    1. I think Templar has plenty of officially unemployed people, who are scraping a living somehow (think of the Jakes) and if some of the wet house residents weren’t doing meth, then at least something just as damaging as that.

    2. Hey, hey now. As someone who lives in detroit…. I take offence to that….

      I mean, come on…you forgot the crack, corrupt government officials, and arson.

  5. I think that making Zora cry was probably THE most dangerous thing this storyline could achieve. Because I suspect that the majority of the readers (like me) is out for blood now – Jake blood in general, Marcus’s blood in particular. And maybe Feather’s too, for staying so long in the first place. The storyline needs to shift back to EJ selling tail to get drugs for Biggs, before the artist’s head joins the platter queue. ;-P

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