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  1. I think Gene’s gonna show his li’l bro just how Jake he still is. With knifes. And lots of pain.

    And wow, I’ve never seen a game controller cable rip that easily. Must’ ve been SOME pent up agression.

  2. Ohhhh….I am so much more in love with Gene right about now. Bye-bye, Marcus! It’s been swell, but the swellings gone…wait, no it hasn’t! And it ain’t about to!

    Poor Zora, though. *cuddle-hugs* Don’t worry sweetie…daddy’s just gonna show Unca Marcus how to get his game on…Jake style.

    1. I get the feeling this beat-down may be the thing spike was talking about in a stream a while back about showing us that gene is more scary than we think.

      bets on Gene killing Marcus? anyone?

  3. What are controller cables made of, in the Templarverse ?

    Also, I wonder if Gene is going to show anger for the first time in this comic, or just go cry in his room.

    1. I’m pretty sure by the fact Gene is getting up so quickly that someone is about to get a super beat down. This should be interesting.

      Poor Gvidon Piece Prime though :(

      1. He’s either going to suddenly ‘get his Jake on’ (as everyone seems to think of it) or he’s going to flee from the room, I think. I’m interested to see which it is.

        Poor Gene there, though. His expression in the third panel (well, with its context) is a great set-up.

    1. Much truth in these words.

      I really think Marcus needs the other side of his face bruised and swollen badly. I think he’s forgetting just whose apartment they’re squatting in right now. The apartment that Gene is able to afford with his career.

  4. Oh, oh wow.

    I did NOT see that coming. But I am happy he turned on Gene and not Zora… Gene at least can whoop Marcus’ pansy ass!

  5. Oh my, would you look at all those misses. You do not fuck with a brother’s high score, that is just not on.

  6. Heh, we finally get to see Gene in some brawling action. Hell, I’d be pissed too if someone snatched a game controller from me.

  7. I think Gene is more shocked that he’s actually losing in the game, what with not having control over the chara. Whether he has enough brains in his head to get angry or not, remains to be seen, but I could envision him in the next picture hugging the TV and crying. :-P

  8. oh dear.
    shit has been thrown unto the fan, yes oh my, yes.

    and ooooh, almost a title drop there.

  9. I’m kind of hoping Gene just screams wordlessly at Marcus. I feel like that would stop the fight due to sheer wtf-factor. :D

  10. Still hoping Zora’s gonna kill a bitch.

    I… don’t think that’s Gene anymore. I hope it’s not – remember when they put him in that drugged trance state, and he got all creepy and such?

    Yeah. I hope /that/ is what Marcus is about to… be… broken by.

    1. Sure, why not? A fit of rage is as good as any other type of fit…

      If so, Marcus is about to be introduced to a new type of psychotic break. That’s when someone goes psychotic over what you’ve done and breaks you!

  11. I bet Gene’s going to play bongo with Marcus’ skull.

    I know Gene’s supposed to be the retarded one there, but Marcus is really fighting for the title.

  12. I’m a little confused by the last panel. Did Marcus try to throw the game controller and Gene and Zora? Is Gene shielding Zora from the flying game controller? Because it looks game controller may be getting thrown at Zora as it’s floating in the air opposite of Marcus’ speech bubble, but it’s missing any other sign of movement (ex- blur lines) so it’s a little confusing.

    1. Gene still had the controller in his hand. The last panel shows Gene dropping the controller and quickly getting up — possibly hurting Zora in the process but he doesn’t seem to notice.

      1. Er correction the controller wasn’t in Gene’s hand. But I’m still pretty sure that’s just the controller dropping to the floor, not being thrown.

      2. I’m thinking Zora’s just completely surprised cause he’s probably moving faster suddenly than anyone’s ever expected from him. He’s untangling from her nearly sitting on him but he’s only jumping to his feet, not enough forward momentum to bump into her in any violent way, in my estimation.

  13. Ever seen autistic children when the focus of their interest is removed?

    Marcus might, in his own way, be right about what he’s saying, but he’s there and so are the rest of that little family because Gene is who he is and does what he does. If Marcus really didn’t like how City people are, he wouldn’t have depended upon them to handle his business or to provide him shelter.

    So now, he’s committing the unpardonable sin: hypocrisy in action. And as he’s about to find out, there is a cost to be paid for s**tting on the dinner table…

    1. You do realize that, unlike the rest of the Jakes, he’s at least a bit reluctant in staying there, right? Jakes stick together. If the rest won’t leave Gene’s apartment, he’s got little choice but to stay if he wants to keep his current Jake status/lifestyle. He’s learned the hard way it’s tough out there for a lone Jake.

    2. How’s it hypocritical? Jake doctrine as it’s been described has been pretty much in favor of using city people, just not regarding them as equals. They’re survivalists, not ascetics.

  14. Its like watching two freight trains collide. You don’t want to watch, but you can’t turn away.

    Get ’em Gene.

  15. Okay, this is what I see happening.
    Marcus grabs cable, rips controller from Gene’s hand while simultaneously ripping the cord.
    Gene, affected by the sudden losing streak, and surprise, shoots up, turning as he does so, which is why his fingers in the last panel are outstretched as if he’d just pushed himself up, his other arm, as he moved forward and up, crashing against Zora.

    My guess is a fight shall ensue, or at least Gene will punch with the left hand, the one with fingers outstretched.


  16. Everybody rootin’ for Marcus to get a beatdown. Yeah, Marcus is lookin’ for one, but not from ‘Gene. As far as can be seen, Marcus has not told a lie yet. True, ‘Gene has a band, and begs for money, but aside from being in a band, everything he has done has been done many more times by Marcus, assuming he’s at least a mildly-successful Jake.

    I’m not against Marcus getting beat down, at least not actively, but I’ll listen to him. We’ll get more out of the characters if the reaction’s not violent, but I’m hoping for more exposition in this conflict.

  17. Oh shi–!! Marcus just made Gene lose his game…this can’t end well! The third panel gives me the distinct impression Gene’s about to fsckin HULK SMASH his lil bro.

  18. Am I the only one who feels bad for Marcus? Imagine, living in the shadow of the older brother all his life. His older brother doesn’t even follow the family rules – truly a black sheep – and yet he is still far elevated in status. Nothing Marcus tries is ever right, even when he is following family culture much more so than Gene. He never gets a word of praise; I’m not surprised at all that he is bitter and has finally lost his temper over it. The boy keeps trying to be the right kind of Jake and nobody sees it.

  19. I don’t feel bad for Marcus, first because he’s an idiot, second because he’s taking it out on GENE.

    Besides, guy’s got a very real, althought slight, retardation. Do you really need to feel jealous of Gene, Marcus? REALLY?

  20. The controller’s a bit odd, but I see that Marcus never had it in his hand, therefore he didn’t throw it. Likely it’s over there because it swung on the end of its coiled cord.

  21. Well, it’s not like he’s jealous of Gene’s intelligence. He’s jealous of Gene getting preferential (not accomodational) treatment in the family. Which he does. Marcus is still a jerkface, of course, because it’s not like it’s Gene’s fault that Feather likes him best, and also there are better ways to deal with such issues, to put it mildly. But the fact that Marcus is going all jerkface at Gene like he would with any other sibling he hated, rather than poor-babying the guy who is after all the most standardly successful person in the family, maybe be the least loathsome thing about him so far.
    I am of course still totally rooting for Marcus to get slammed down hard.Y’don’t mess with a man’s game.

  22. Is it me, or do the Jakes sometimes remind you of the Peacock family from the X-files? Without the inbreeding, of course. Controlling mother, way of life like a religion, violent views…
    Can’t wait to see what Gene does!

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