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  1. is that the honeybee professor from mspaint adventures?

    i am in love with you. this is the first time i’ve been moved to post but been following the comic for ages.

      1. I actually prefer the older games. 3D makes control much harder, takes the fun out of it for me. Now you have these kids that make Halo etc their life, well of course they do, you gotta put 40 hours in just the get a good feel for the controls. I like something simple I can pick up in 5 minutes, play for between fifteen minutes and an hour, and then put it down and go on to the next adventure without the slightest twinge of “but I’m not THERE yet!”

        1. Protip: Once you learn any given game of any genre, the rest are easy. You get one FPS, you can pick up any other FPS and have it down in twenty minutes. You get one 3D platformer, you’ve got the rest no problem.

          Even a new genre doesn’t take THAT long to figure out. Three, four hours tops and you can get pretty much anything, assuming you are moderately intelligent and have reasonable hand-eye coordination. It’s seriously not hard in the least.

  2. Oh Gene, so lovingly oblivious.

    Marcus on the other hand, needs to shut up. He may for all we know be a real workhorse in that family, but any credentials he gets from that are obliterated once he starts getting smart like that.

  3. The “font” change on Zora is…interesting.

    It reminds me of Babydoll’s introductory episode in Batman TAS. She goes through pretty much the whole thing talking in her highpitched, sing-song, baby voice but it ends when she’s looking in the mirror, staring at the person she should (could?) have been and suddenly we hear her speak as the full grown adult she actually is. The contrast is heartbreaking.

    Poor Zora…

  4. 7 year old beats fully grown man to death with a game controller “Shocked and In Awe” remarked the neighbors. Neighbor Regan Mancuso remarks “Yeah I taught her how to do that, with a bike chain and brick though. This game controller business? That’s the new generation for yas.”

    1. well, given the last page’s note about raising her kids to take a slap, I would not be surprised if Zora gets a backhand from one of these new adults for speaking up.

  5. I’m willing to lay odds that the one way to get Gene off that game and angry, would be to lay a finger on Zora. I know that he’s really laid-back and chill, as well as a little slow, but he was still raised jake. If Marcus backhands Zora(as seems likely, given that she’s about to go nuclear on Marcus), I think we will see just how jake Gene can be. I’m not keen on seeing Zora get hit, though. Not only is child abuse disgusting, but she will aee a side of her daddy that is frightening at the very least. Although, if that is how this plays out, I hope Gene cleans Marcus’s clock. Maybe finish what the Elliots started.

    1. I don’t get why everyone wants something apocalyptic or violent to happen so badly. You’d think nobody ever saw a kid screaming at their parents or parents bitching out a child before. It’s a fight, families fight, it’s not exactly the stuff of Revelations. Marcus is not likely to be fed to the pigs this night or whatever the hell

      1. I’m neither hoping, nor wishing for an apocalyptic resolution to this situation. I’m just expecting a certain amount of violence. Violence and the jakes seem to flow together. I’m actually hoping that this gets resolved more or less peacefully, since I think it’s bad form to get in a screaming argument in front of kids.

  6. Marcus is a little bitch and should shut up.

    If he doesn’t believe Eugene carries a prophet from time to time, why the Hell was he blowing up a vein trying to get him to answer the whereabouts of the Elliots?

    I bet Eugene brings a lot of money when he goes out to “beg” with the Jakes. Guy’s a musical prodigy and he’s even in a succesful band.

    I have not seen a single thing Marcus has done that has been useful or not a complete flop. Hell, I think Jackie has been more useful than him.

    Also I think he’s lying and EJ DID beat the crap out of him, it wasn’t just the dock falling thing.

  7. Something about the personality of the Jakes in general makes me think of the old rock and river story… While the rock sits there, stolid in its ways, refusing to move for anything, the river flows around and on, traveling and existing as it likes, only parting for the rock when it absolutely must. The outer conflicts, the Elliots of the world, will keep the Jakes alive, but the mere existence of Gene is going to wear them down slowly, patiently, infallibly. I wouldn’t be half surprised if the downfall of this family was at hand.

  8. Awww, snap– Zora gonna cut a bitch. This is shaping up to be one of those slow motion train wrecks where doves fly out of the closet for no reason and some fat guy dives through the air with a gun in each hand.

    …I wonder if Ej is off hookin’ up with Doc Bash right now. This whole chapter is one long hissing fuse.

  9. Man Marcus is like a rhetorical Clausewitz. In an argument and need a strong point? Pick on the retarded guy in front of his mother. Brilliant.

  10. I can see Zora just stomping out with her knife, and going straight for Benjamin’s place, and curling up in the nearest clothing pile. Or worse, Zora opening the door to Regan/Scipo. The horror of showing’s the families dirty laundry to neighbors!

    Now personally despite this, I’d still highly approve of tiny screeching female righteous fury. Bet Zora’s got great lungs.

  11. If I loved Zora any more, I think I would explode.

    She just gets more awesome on every page. I hope Marcus doesn’t turn on her when she speaks up… I don’t think Feather or Apollo would defend her, and Gene would want to – but can he stand up to his family when he’s such a go-with-the-flow guy? Would he even realize something bad was happening?

    Oh, now I’m all anxious to see what’s next!

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