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    1. Could have sworn we glimpsed more of that mark in the chapter of her introduction. I kind of thought it looked like a surgery scar. Sounds hypocritical of the Jakeskin matron, but it’s possible. Maybe they haven’t found the proper tattoo to replace a pacemaker, yet.

  1. Well…. My father’s mother told me when I asked her about my father’s nickname, “Buddy,” with him standing right there, that when he was born she couldn’t stand to look at him for a couple days, so they (I guess her husband and her other sons?) called him that.

  2. I’m curious to know if Feather was raised Jake herself, or if all of this fervor is the zeal of the converted. I like to think she grew up like Sandra Dee in Grease until she ran away with Apollo.

    … because he’s so charismatic, I guess.

    (Although she strikes me more as the type who saw it as a way to rebel and it just took. Also, I know Gene is “simple”, but I see a lot more of him in his father’s casual, quiet acceptance of everything than his mother. YAY SPECULATION.)

    1. Feather wasn’t born a Jake. She says as such around the time when they were first introduced, but I lack the necessary motivation to find the actual reference page.

  3. “Don’t you hump my goddam leg, Jackie” HA! I’ve been waiting for her snotty ass to get shot down since http://templaraz.com/?p=1341 with her all pointing to her red cheek like a precious little princess…

    …on the other hand, granny, if all you can seem to raise are fools, maybe you ought to revise your child-rearing philosophy?

  4. At least she’s getting Marcus some pain killer, and something to rinse out the missing tooth’s socket…

    With a tin of pennies, it’ll be bottom shelf.

    1. Having grown up Jake, he’ll probably just be glad it’s not made of fermented beets and anti-freeze. Or dissapointed. It could really go either way.

        1. I’m CITY, okay? I don’t know any better, an’ all that basic first aid and alcohol fit for human consumption has made me soft.

  5. I never thought I’d say it, but I’m actually starting to like feather. Not as a person, of course, because she’s horrible. But as a character she’s gone past being just some abusive, manipulative redneck to being downright villianous.

    1. You mean Fagin from Oliver Twist? Cause I can see that. Especially with the horde of little beggars…

      “Alms for the apostles, sir?”

      1. yup, puts on a sweet and humorous demeanor to disarm, wouldn’t hesitate to raise a hand against you if she had to.

  6. I would never wish harm on someones mother or grandmother………… but this woman needs to be shanked….. KIDS AINT DOGS!

    1. Whistling carries well and it’s less obtrusive than shouting. My family had a distinctive whistle that meant, essentially, “everybody gather up”; what the Jakeskin are doing is just an extrapolation from that. We certainly never felt “like dogs,” we just all acknowledged that it was an extremely practical way of getting everyone back together after we’d split up in a store or whatever.

  7. Does she realize her statements are self-deprecating? After all, if her kids are hopeless screw-ups, it’s her own damn fault. The question is, is she blaming them out of ignorance, or is she acknowledging her failure and just taking it out on them?

    1. I’m pretty sure she’s acknowledging her own part in how badly she feels that they’re failing at life.

      Considering all the glaring and knife-fondling Zora’s been doing, I see bad things in Feather’s future…

  8. My God, if I manage to get to a ripe old age, I hope I am just like this woman. She sounds like me now plus some odd decades, a few fights, and a clawing kicking way up the pecking order.

    Tha’s right young lady, stop whining about a little slap. And whiskey? Perfect, exactly what I’d assume they’d use. Something down to earth, made from grains, and stings like a mother when you use it right.

    Totally don’t understand the Feather hate, aside from the occasional dislike for how she treats our little treat Zora. I must be weird. Haha.

  9. Ok, whose kids are those? The ones pulling out all the cash, I’m abit hazy as to their relationship to this.

    Are they Feather’s? Are they Feather’s grand-babies? Or at they just some kids she picked up off the street?

  10. I swear, it’s like Spike specifically tailored the Jakes for me to hate them. Deranged cult? Check. Child abuse? Check. That child abuse specifically due to their crazy-assed religion? Checkity check. Hating society and progress? Check.

    If they were real, I’d hate them more than the Catholic Church, Christian Science, and Scientology COMBINED.

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