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  1. I know she probably doesn’t swear, granted in the same building with Reagan she’ll be equipped to verbally spar with the likes of George Carlin, but still that look on Zora’s face says to me “Bitch I got your number!”.

  2. Oh yes, Zora’s intelligent enough to realize that what Feather’s up to, isn’t good for her daddy, and since her daddy is a bit slow, it’s up to her (Zora) to keep him safe. Even from her granny. Smart girl. *grin*

  3. Way to raise a strong boy, ma. Nothing like a few deprecating insults to reinforce his self image…

    Yeah, he’ll love ya for it later. After he stabs you in your sleep.

    Is that why you sleep with your eyes open?

    1. I still think he deserved every word of it. Yes, it isn’t nice to insult your children. When someone is acting like an immature moron, however, covering it up in kind words doesn’t help it at all. Though we can tell from his winning personality that she was an incredible mother!

    2. Yeah it’ll breed resentment. But mabe the pertinant points will be remembered. He did earn his beating by straying off the path after all. I’m all for tough love. Precisely aimed though, and never for the sake of bullying (I heartily detest bullies).

  4. Wow. If my grandmother gave me looks like that, I don’t think I’d trust her either.

    If Reagan saw this side of Feather, she might take Scip’s advice more to heart… well, maybe not. But I don’t think even Reagan could look at this mess and trust it to work itself out.

  5. I love how really beat up and mangled Marcus looks. It’s such a nice change, after endless comics where “beat up” translates to “standard cheek smudge #2”, like Jackie has.

    My grandparents did that – waltz in years after I’d forgotten their faces and starts acting like we were alll chummy and I should just trust them.
    And, yes, inviting me to engage in questionably legal pasttimes. Not begging, that’s tacky. “Scavenging”, that’s proper! Ignore the fence.
    Keep the knife, Zora!

  6. Hehe, Zora’s spirit shall be channeled to my future daughter, it shall be epic! And then when we cosplay she’ll know why she’s wearing a bald cap and carrying a big ol knife around seeing as I’ll be reading her to sleep with these comics. She’ll be an insane little bigger but smart to boot. :3

    Feather needs to be slapped, like..hardcore slapped and then just glared at. Ya know? Also I probably would talk to my kids that way if they effed up after not learning, though I’d probably regret it later…Feather wouldn’t. :P

  7. wow. Love Zora’s death glare. She knows what’s going on. And as for Marcus…he deserves every word. He’s a whiney cry baby type…his entire persona is the type that gets on my nerves. That’s why I love this comic.

    Go Zora!

  8. I can’t help but channel a “good ol’ southern ma” accent onto Feather with the colloquialisms and dialect she uses. And not “stereotypical fake-ass, barely any southerners except for Louisiana And Georgia sound like this” southern, but rural and stury southern.

  9. I think Zora’s reaction isn’t so much about exactly knowing what Feather is up to but rather knowledge of what she has seen from gold old granny so far. She -was- there when Gene was being used for the prophecy, and she was forcefully pulled away from him when she tried to help. Considering that Feather was the one who started and lead the whole thing, it’s pretty normal for Zora to hate her guts for hurting her Daddy.
    Not that it makes her Death glare any less awesome. You know you got a problem when you lose a staring competition against an ADD kid.

  10. Protective!daughter FTW. Also, Feather is down right creepy. “You like money? Well I know how to get some real nice and easy like.” WARNING BELLS. Run. That type of smile is never good news. It means manipulation.

  11. It’s always boggled me that so many adults- especially phony manipulative pricks like Feather- completely fail to grasp that children know when they are being bullshitted at. If you tell them something with a straight face they’ll more likely than not believe it, but if you try to rook them they will smell that poop from a mile away even if they don’t understand how or why they’re being rooked, because a dishonest face is something that is hardwired into the monkeybrain. They might not be able to spell “orbitalis”, but they know a real smile from a fake-ass smile without even having to think about it, since they don’t have decades of societal conditioning to get between them and their monkey instincts.

    …Also, docks in Arizona.

    1. I believe there was mention some strips back of a river that ran through Templar, but had been dammed up for soybean irrigation upstream. Which I suppose goes to explain why Marcus was able to hide under the dock for his ambush fail.

    2. As difficult as this may be for Coasties to believe, things other than oceans have docks. And just a few pages ago, Jackie told Marcus they should have left him in the river.

  12. Cherish the flame, til we can safely wake again.
    The flame is in your hands.
    We trust it you, our sacred demon of ungovernableness.
    Cherish the flame. We shall rest easy.
    Child, be strange, dark, true, impure and dissonant.
    Cherish our flame. Our dawn shall come.

    David Rudkin wrote that. Could he have been thinking about Zora?

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