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      1. You’re probably right, but I love the idea of apollo just casually sitting there eating while his son in recovering from a beating

    1. I bet it’s for an icepack.
      my mom always uses frozen peas, frozen dinners have gravy in them which can be a mess when it melts.

        1. I’ve read quite allot of this style of observation since the jakes appeared in the comic. But I keep thinking that we dont fully know their philosophy/religion so how can people assume to know it? Listening to one sermon doesnt give the full picture of any religion. They just seem like hardcore opportunists, clannish and obviously spurning the system of modern society. Just because they dislike modern technology it doesnt make them Amish. After all, they’ve got a very rustic looking gun, but a gun none the less. And that looks like a bottle of painkillers or antibiotics on the table. Opportunists. They’re staying in their kins home, so they’re just utilising what’s got to hand.

    2. And come to think of it, has HE ever spoken a single word in the course of this entire comic? I can’t recall any.

  1. Zora is just SO BORED by your beatdowns. Actually, Jackie and… Jake boy whose name escapes me at the moment remind me a lot here of my younger brother and sister in this interaction. Whenever my sister thought our brother was being immature or “stupid”, she took it as a chance to show just HOW MATURE SHE WAS by comparison, usually trying to join in whatever scolding he was getting. (She’s three years younger than he is.) Jackie’s face in the second-to-last panel is SO reminiscent of this.

    I’m glad we’re (apparently) shifting a little closer to the main cast. I find all of Templar interesting, but I’m always happy when we come back to the apartments after a while.

  2. With color Marcus’ face looks so much worse. Wonder if Jakes’ even allow their people to take aspirin, or is that city medicine and taboo?

    1. Umm… where do you see it in color? I can imagine the lovely purples, blues and greens, but I don’t *see* them…

      1. Ah sorry, I meant seeing them go from inks to shading in the sepias Spike used. Compared to the straight inks the shading adds a lot more detail to it.

  3. Also, how can the Jakes afford “Shiner”? :D

    But seriously, Marcus is in for it. He even lost Papa┬┤s super special gun. I wonder where Feather is.

  4. Noooo. no colour please.

    Black and white, pen and ink’s how I like me comics, and so far Templaraz has hit the spot nicely.

    Just more of the same please, loving it!


  5. Looks like Marcus has lost a tooth or two… how do the Jakes feel about dentures, I wonder? I mean, gold teeth and such have existed for millennia, so it’s not like they’re something new…

  6. I’ve been reading and here’s my take on the Jakeskin.

    They favor the ideology of living as simply as possible, thinking as simply as possible. But they also believe in the breakdown of society, and in hastening it whenever possible (stealing of wallets to initiate chaos at the local level).

    When you have a worldview like that, using whatever is available is acceptable for a society of survivors with self-preservation in mind. They may prefer flint-and-steel to start a fire, but if matches are available, sure, use them.

    Anyway, that’s my take on it. Comments welcome.

  7. So, the jakes are intriguing to me, I wonder if Spike would be willing to expound on some tenets of their beliefs? It would be cool to get her take on origin of the Jake movement, if it can be called such. So far I’ve taken them for a more vicious version of the Rom, or gypsy, peoples (is gypsy pejorative? if it is, was not meant in that sense.)
    I like Jason Thorn’s thoughts on the Jakeskin, above, but would like to hear the creator’s thoughts, as well.

  8. Apollo is always so calm-looking. He strikes me as the kind of guy who doesn’t get mad, because there’s no point in getting mad at people, you just kill them so they can’t do it again, problem solved.

  9. I just noticed this parallel between the Jakes and the scary people gushing over Morgan. Both obsessed with what is and isn’t “city.” Huh.

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