Chapter 5: Lit, page 6.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 6.

Wow. Still kicking, huh?

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  1. FuriousSterling says:

    Holy shit, that statue is something.

  2. jonboy1987 says:

    first comment!

  3. Tiff says:

    I think panel 2 is in the running for Creepiest Establishing Shot Of The Year.

  4. frankwlftown says:

    Jesus Christ! That statue is going to haunt me in my dreams! I have to watch the Oscars now, and get that image out of my brain.

  5. kaze says:

    shaka his arms wide?

    • AstroZamboni says:

      That’s “Temba, his arms wide.” Shaka is “when the walls fell.”

      Oh god, I’m such a fucking dweeb.

    • Mary says:

      Best. Reference. Ever.

      Also, I love that statue. That is an awesome statue. I would get that statue and put it in my yard.

  6. Carapace says:

    Sweet Molly Malone! Is it supposed to look like that? I mean, was the face horribly melted and then not repaired as some sort of cost saving measure? Or is he Saint Meltface of the Crawling Skin Dreams, sent to guard the land from invaders, because no one wants to live near that thing?

    • ColdFrog says:

      I’m pretty sure the meltiness is intended… partly because the hands and body are so elaborate and not even remotely melted, partly because of the gruesome look on his face, and partly because, in the previous shot, the ground the statue is standing on is also melting. It’s that kinda weird avant garde stuff where the framing is part of the art, and it’s just as weird.

  7. AstroZamboni says:

    Is that statue supposed to be Jake? The symbolism in the shapes in the melted flesh fit what we know about the Jakeskin religion.

    • Carl-E says:

      Not Jake, it’s got something on the chest holding the cross around his neck. Some newer catholic saint or protestant establisher, i’d guess.

      Then again, maybe Jake started off as a christian, or references it, like mormonism.

      • AstroZamboni says:

        Reagan said that Jakeskin are Christians, and Spike stated that Jakeskin is an offshoot of Christianity in much the same way Mormonism is.

  8. maritza says:

    Holy shit what a terrible statue

    Also, Marcus’ alive? NOOOOOOO

    • maritza says:

      Hadn’t noticed that down there by the statue is the fanciest port-a-potty ever. MyGod, they’re close. Maybe EJ is going to get a more thorough fucking he’s looking for.

      • Wood says:

        Actually, we have no idea if Marcus & family are anywhere near the statue, here.

        I think this is a transition page : the first panels belong to the previous scene, and the last to the next scene, with a view of the rooftops to indicate a change of place.

        I guess this will be more obvious when we can read the next pages.

  9. Fletcher says:

    My god. That is one seeeeriously creepy statue. And some seriously big ravens, it looks like. Yeah, I want to know what the hell is going on with that bit of civic architecture.

  10. The Joker says:

    Aw, c’mon! I thought EJ was capable of…or maybe the junkie coward held him back

  11. Buzzard says:

    Whoa, Saint Francis of Hashishim.

    I think it started out as an elegant and lifelike statue of some random saint, but ten years of being shat on by crows has just corroded it into this.

    Also, Templar has crows instead of pigeons.

  12. Jonboy says:

    Aw Nuts! Marcus is still alive.

    Cool statue!

  13. malex says:

    I believe this is a memorial to the negative consequences of Catholic colonialism. The NEA would appear to be more lenient in this universe.

  14. Pseudo says:

    What is that skinny little panel 3 for?

  15. John says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s the building Ben et al. live in in the last panel, so Marcus and the Jakes are probably at Gene’s. (And it’s cool that it’s possible to tell that just by seeing a corner of it… architectural detail and consistency like that are rare.) I don’t think there’s been any indication that the building’s particularly close to that particular piece of dubious Templar civic sculpture.

  16. Hanna says:

    Heh, didn’t think we’d seen the last of Marcus, but I bet he’s a sore loser. :-D

  17. If Marcus is still alive, then who did die? Or was Nicky’s report of a fatality false?

  18. Lord Woot says:

    Nah, Nicky’s report was about a guy in the hostel, not Marcus. Probably the guy you saw getting his face stepped on. Way I see it, dudes got only two choices, join up or die. Cause if the Jakeskin are about surviving when the world crashes, they gotta respect at least a little how Biggs n EJ can keep going. Though Biggs would totally need to detox if that were to happen.

  19. DCB says:

    Jakes, they roll 30 deep, like cockroaches…and apparently they’re just as hard to kill.

  20. pencilears says:

    am I wrong for thinking these are ravens and not crows?
    if those people and cars are to scale then those birds are HUGE.