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  1. why on earth is he hiding with the guys who when asked “where are they?” always answer with the truth?
    sounds like a terrible safe house.

    1. Good point. Of course, they might just say, “Yeah, but I’m not telling you.” That’s a true statement. I mean, if someone with a knife were looking for THEM, I doubt a sincerist would be honest in that situation no matter where s/he was.

      Well, Hazel might…

      1. Sincerists probably get off on divulging the truth when it has adverse consequences. Also, people would only protect Elilot if they liked him, and he’s not exactly the most popular guy.

  2. Hooray, new page! Thanks, Spike, that made my morning.

    Which is, um, a weird thing to say I guess considering how depressing this is. Biggs is usually so bossy, it’s strange to realise that they really are mutually dependent on each other. I don’t think that really struck me until now.

    … I think Reagan needs to accost Ben with another terrifying sex toy to lighten the mood.

  3. I was just thinking how symmetrical their situation is now. I keep expecting something Bad And Cathartic to happen, but … it’s just their life. Going on, whimpering.

    1. Wait, wait… you’re sympathetic to… Biggs? 0.0 I can’t really fault EJ for being a humungous dick tio Biggs, since that seems to cut both ways. I was kinda moved by this. I’m really starting to feel sorry for EJ. It’s baffling.

      That’s some damn good writing, Spike, I HATED him, and I’m pretty sure I’ve said that.

  4. Ahhh, Biggs and EJ, putting the “fun” in “dysfunction”.

    I’m just waiting for something gawdawful to happen after Spike’s little comment…

  5. Don’t worry, something godawful always does happen, somewhere, to someone. Might as well be EJ & Biggs. Probably at the cafe.

    I, too am feeling somewhat sorry for EJ, because now the dependancy is showing. Before, you really had no idea what was holding these two together. Now we see it’s sex, drugs and money, the big 3. And life sucks for both of them with no discernable way out.

    But that’s what makes it such good storytelling…

  6. Sex, drugs and money might be what keeps Biggs with EJ, but I think EJ stays with Biggs out of fear of being alone. Or abandoned.

    1. I agree– EJ looks up to Biggs, in a twisted sort of way. Like a dog that keeps running back, even after he’s been kicked out a few dozen times. Biggs is EJ’s pack leader.

  7. I see his expression more as the shutdown before work. Like, he’s not too thrilled with the idea of going out and doing…whatever… but if he’s gotta then he’s gonna at least be as dead inside as possible.

  8. No. I don’t exactly blame Biggs. We know that when he’s his normal self, he doesn’t want to send out EJ to do whatever he does.

    We’re watching him under the agony of heroin withdrawal. It’s unfair to judge him by normal standards.

    I mean Biggs is not exactly a nice person, bu EJ is really something else.

  9. Hmm, all of a sudden Biggs seems able to stand up and even walk unaided… not what he let EJ understand in the last comic.

  10. I have to say the sudden reversal of sentiment for EJ is somewhat baffling to me. Granted, I don’t think I despised him quite as much as some of the regulars on these comments, but this conversation didn’t do that much to make me like him, either. While I do have a slightly lower opinion of Biggs, he is, as has been pointed out, not at his best.

    There are ways to interpret EJ’s new reluctance to sell his ass for Biggs’ drugs, other than fearing that Biggs will disapprove later or realizing he’s enabling him or really any “EJ’s turn to be the victim” option.

    One is that he was quite happy to make the offer, so long as he was pretty sure that Biggs would refuse. The important thing is that Biggs knew that he made the offer. Or that he plants the seed of the idea when Biggs wouldn’t consider it, so that he can feign reluctance and and then hurt when Biggs later has to ask him to follow through. Once Biggs is back to “normal,” the act of sacrifice reinforces their messed up relationship.

    That would be an interesting twist on their mutual dysfunction, as it would mean they’re both selfishly manipulating one another for their own needs, and we still can’t tell who’s winning.

    Just a thought.

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