31 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 91”

      1. I only ever notice them when someone mentions them. I guess I should pay attention to more than just the dialogue – I didn’t see the sticker last page either.

      1. Now, I don’t know about giving him 50 bucks to do it… But I’m seriously surprised that his junk isn’t pulp by now from liberal nut-punching. He’s really had it coming for a while and it’s genuinely startling that he hasn’t taken one in the sack over the course of the ENTIRE COMIC.

  1. man idk why people rage at EJ so much, I love him.

    AS a fictional character, of course. not as someone I’d want to meet on the street.

    1. I’m with you! He’s kind of violent and needy and a bit of a failure, but I find that weirdly endearing. He’s like, the very under-est of underdogs.

  2. EJ’s like some kind of idiot-idiot. That’s like an idiot-savant, except instead of freakish mathematical abilities or the like, he just gets a more violent brand of idiocy.

    So, yeah, I’m with Maritza here. Can we take up a collection or something? Nut-punching for drug money?

  3. “Let’s go kill us some bald-headed freaks. EJ! Go panhandle and call women, ‘Mommy’ while I go think of a plan. Yes, yes. Let me stroke my chin like so. Yes, yes. God, I need some smack. I would lick the dust off of William S. Burroughs’ shriveled, mummified testicles for just a little taste. Huh, social hygiene, neat.”

  4. I wish I didn’t hate EJ so much…but I do. There has never been a fictional character that I have wanted to smash with 2X4 .. until now. Maybe my wishes of seeing peaceful Scip kicking ass and EJ getting stomped could happen at the same time. If EJ had a harsh word for Pippy I’d bet my last can of Bacon/Chive soda Mr. Zen would go to town.

  5. I love the almost parasitic relationship both Elliots have now. I want to see why EJ is so desperate for Biggs and what might have happened to him. Biggs I know is a big boy and going through jail(which was stated in the past), I want to see why a cult would break him down. A single holed up shelter would probably screw the Jakeskins badly. Lets see why he is broken now over them assaulting him over his friend and EJ (And his own addictions)

  6. I love EJ and his pathetic, adorable-because-he’s-fictional stupidity. He reminds me of the obnoxious third grader who wants friends, is too weird to be accepted, and then lashes out by being weirder.

    Also, I like his sleeveless hoodie.

    And that sign in panel 1 is one of the many reasons this comic is awesome.

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