20 thoughts on “Trouble Every Day, page 90”

  1. Religious fanatics require sacrifice, yes? Thus, return the gun and slaughter EJ. YAY! Everyone wins.

    I do not like him. -.-

    1. Hardly anyone likes EJ. :-P

      But what I’m wondering about, what would the Jakes REALLY do to Elliot, if he explained that to them? To Apollo, at least, cause Marcus is somewhere picking up the pieces of his nose most likely. Would they really kill him or would they see him for the helpless wreck that he is and decide he’s done for without their help? They mean to sow chaos, after all, catalyze, and the chemical reaction called Biggs is almost burned out now.

      1. EJ hurt a jake woman, and that seems like one of the worst things you can do to the Jakes, judging by Bigg’s reaction. As for Biggs, they would likely want to make an example.

        1. You kind of forgot the part about killing Marcus in there I’m thinking they don’t like that too much either.

  2. Oh! I bet the page is where Gordon realizes his mistake and him and Elliot have magical healing buttsex. They’ll then become a beautiful couple, adopt EJ as their son (who’ll suddenly become sane, cute, and mischievous), and dramaz will happen that test their lurve for each other. Elliot will totally make a great helpless “damsel” in distress when the Jakes come in and kidnap him and probably buttraeps him. Gordon can then be all badass and save him so they can get married (after more buttsecks). It’ll be marvelous. Cliched, over-the-top “slash” fanfiction tells me so.

    Feel free to make a spin off comic totally based off this for you know it is brilliant. Best idea evar? Best idea evar~!

    hee hee hee, can’t unread. :P

    Heh, I kid. I love how EJ is being all supportive. He’s a good character. I mean, considering how fucked up his world is and such, him being just as messed up as it is to be expected. Something deep is going on there between the two Es, beyond mere forced company/tolerance. That little detail on how Elliot’s holding EJ ever so subtly for comfort kind of hints it very well.

    I have a feeling that EJ is more likely a young teen/older child. His features are young, and he’s still got baby fat in his face. Elliot’s a father figure to the kid and all he wants is approval. I don’t see why people think he’s an adult, he doesn’t look much like one and folks have been treating him like a kid. Honestly, I really like the Elliots, they’re interesting. They’re some of the few characters I’ll mull about after the comic page has been read. Great story writing! :)

      1. Ha ha, never underestimate a fangirl’s ability to “slash” every and any male character in any series. I’ll so sail that Gordon\Biggs ship. LOL, crack pairings.

        God I so love that fourth panel to death. So much magic was done with those expressions. <3

    1. I think we treat EJ as an adult, because he doesn’t look like a child. Well, not like all the other children we’ve seen in the comic so far. I can’t guess his race (or number, if you go with the Jakes), but either he’s a really big teenager or a really retarded adult. Your pick.

  3. Not a comment on the comic, which I’m loving, but what’s up with the posting dates. They’re like 3 weeks behind the actual date you put these up. It makes it kinda wonky since I see the updates through my feed reader, and sometimes pass right by since it shows an earlier date, and I think I’ve read it already.

  4. You know, I think this is the first strip in which I’ve found EJ an almost palatable character. Maybe it’s because he’s FOR ONCE not focused on his own crappy existence, but is trying to make Biggs feel better. Too bad he doesn’t really know what they’ll be up against… XD

  5. Oddly I find Gordon the most interesting part of this page. He’s a survivor, Gordon is. Or perhaps a reminder that surviving isn’t always the least damaging option…

  6. Hmm, I find the comments about EJ trying to comfort Biggs rather surprising. The way I read it was more that he is finally realizing that this isn’t a situation he can steamroll his way through with a loud mouth and false bravado. Sort of like a kid being ok with a bad or dangerous situation because his parent looks like they are in control and falling apart when he realizes that “Dad is really scared! This must be really bad.”

    He is just now catching up to what everyone else realized right off. The Jakes are bad news and finally he’s starting to worry. Seeing Biggs begging was the tip off. EJ wants Biggs to stop acting like things are about to fall apart, so he can continue denying how much he has screwed up. But that’s just my take on it.

    1. Hm. I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but perhaps I was just eager to see EJ show some redeeming qualities. Your interpretation is very fitting and probable, and a completely different way to look at the scenario. I like it. :) It’ll be interesting to see this scenario play out, and who ends up being more accurate.

  7. On a different note, I was clickin’ ’round the internets, and I noticed that the new ad for Templar in the keenspot newsbox features EJ saying “motherfucker, you don’t know my LIFE” and it was a good five minutes before I could stop giggling and fangirling.

  8. He SEEMS concerned for Biggs, but I still don’t trust EJ any farther’n I could throw him-and I’m on the all Playstation fitness plan.

    I’m betting Rue has his number. He’s just too consistently only cared about himself, or ever showed anything remotely otherwise. He’s a douche. An interesting, layered one, I’ll admit, but still a douche.

    I get the distinct feeling that he WILL survive whatever storm’s coming though, and it will be somehow thanks to Biggs. Other than that, I have NO idea where these two are headed in the end.

    Speaking of which, I wonder if Scip and Pippi still have eyebrows? I’ve never noticed a fire extinguisher in careful, practical Scip’s apartment…

  9. Need to get out of town? Start walking. Some people have such a negligent attitude to their apostle-horses. Of course I once spent three days unsuccessfully trying to find a way by foot out of Chicago, but I’m sure it can be done. . .

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