Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 81

I call TAZ an “alternate history” comic, sometimes. This is definitely gonna be one of those times that description really, really applies.

That flag on the coffee mug is real. Everything else coming up is definitely not.

28 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 81”

    1. Gonna go with ‘Free Tibet’.
      From the info page, referring to the universe of TAZ:
      “…a couple of wars never happened.”
      Gonna bet that this is coming into play right now.
      Who’dya think’s holding the cup, though?
      Going to assume that it’s Biggs holding it. Maybe he’s going to give us a history lesson, like he did with the Oarlock.

  1. EJ: the character most likely to get either shivved in a truck-stop shower stall or put on a registry of some sort. And regardless of spellcheck, I believe “shivved” is a real word, or maybe “shiv-ved.” Or shanked.

  2. I dislike EJ since that time he wanted to watch that other guy fuck a semicomatose minor.

    Biggs is okay. I like Biggs. And this guy is like a tumor hanging off his scrote. Please kill him?

  3. Ooh, we’re about to be introduced to the last character (if I recall correctly) from the old bonus art gallery. Is it still possible to get there somehow?

  4. I like the way EJ was begging in his spare time. It looks like someone was supposed to meet him there at 3 and since he was waiting he figured he’d solicit passerby.


  5. And Australia enters the comic, although not how I would’ve liked it to. I’m getting anticipatory goosebumps down my spine, and not the good ones either.

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