16 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 69”

    1. Lemme get this straight: When she’s as small as she is, and he’s as big as she is, and a trained bodyguard, “she’s gonna kick his butt”? Have you been reading this strip? (Wow, now that’s genius.)

  1. You know that thing cats sometimes do, where they’re sleeping so hard they’re completely limp no matter what you do to them and are difficult to wake up? Chickens do that sometimes too, if they’re kept as pets for a long time.

    I am going to be very shocked if Scip actually loses his temper. I think it would be scary, but he strikes me more as a “I’m so disappointed in you” type person.

  2. Ms. Spike, it straight up kills me the way you conjure up these people in an insane future, but they’re people we all have in our lives here in the present. It’s almost depressing to think that these personality archetypes are immune to any sort of progress, but we all probably guessed that already. I think everyone knows Scipio. I know I’ve got one in my life. What is WITH these Scipios? Do they always do this shit? Also, my Scipio turned out to be gay as the day is long, but this Scipio strikes me as a touch too enlightened to stay closeted for long.

  3. When I first cast my eyes upon panel six, I interpreted it as a sexy bum and leg. I was like, “whoa, scipio!”

  4. beautiful. just beautiful. the small scip n panel two. the truthfullness of “…that you can have,”. very very good.

    Thanks Spike.

    1. That’s real. I’ve been asked for money, but it’s not always money that’s for the other person to have. If you say the “no” firmly enough, it can be pretty clear that you’re simply not going to give them anything, regardless what you have.

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