Chapter Four: Trouble Every Day, page 70

Hmn. How does that song go?

I’m only waiting for the proper time to tell you
That it’s impossible to get along with you.
It’s hard to look you in the face when we are talking
So it helps to have a mirror in the room.

I’ve not been really looking forward to the performance
But there’s my cue and there’s a question on your face.
Fortunately I have come across an answer
Which is go away
And do not leave a trace.

Buckle up, Pippi. Ride’s just starting.

28 thoughts on “Chapter Four: Trouble Every Day, page 70”

  1. OH MAN I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING. I thought at least Flora would be dead and Scip would explode but NOT THIS.

  2. Hmmm… Wonder why he’s asking her… Could it be that he just read it in the report…


    Maybe that she told him (in an effort to make him feel sorry for her and take her in regardless of whether or not it’s true), and now that he’s read the report he’s doubting her honesty about it.

    I’m thinking number 1…but this could go so many ways.

  3. On a different note, my husband (who looks nothing like Scip…except in size) does the same thing when stressed/sad/angry. He grabs a pet and just focuses on petting him/her (we have small dogs and cats). He gets the same expression on his face too.

  4. I dunno. He did say, “This isn’t who she told me she was” on another page. I think she’s told him she was raped, but her rap sheet told a different story. Could be wrong.

    Poor Pippi, either way. So messed up.

  5. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she what she told him was not all or maybe even part of the story, and Scip just found this out himself. He wasn’t carrying the report around just in case he ran into somebody he wanted to show it to; he’s just getting back from meeting Sully and doesn’t know what to think. Meeting her hot date at the door was a coincidence.

    Plus, Eddie’s reaction (“if you leave now, it’ll just prove that she was right to lie”) is making him really careful about how he handles this. For certain Scipio-style values of careful, that is.

  6. Can you say PWN? I can….I can say it really loudly too and then explain what it means when applied to the air head in the room, and no, it’s not Scip. Pippi is annoying and I’ve know girls like her on varying degrees and it is, always, SO hard to keep a lid on the anger, I don’t know how Scip does it, but I have a feeling the patience is going to wear soon and I hope she gets the REAL real world drilled into her skull and learns some manners, otherwise there really is no help for the girl.

  7. Dear Spike,
    There is a really tense emotional moment going on.
    But I don’t think you realize you drew that chicken so fucking cute. Seriously. I want like, ten of them now.
    I thought you needed to know.

  8. I think this might be the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to Scip and his patience. The real question is, how does Scip show his anger. Is it a full-blown “lose your shit” moment, or is it a quiet, seething anger that makes everyone in the room duck and cover?

  9. O.o; One way or the other this is not going to end well, and I think I am going to have to wait a month before I can start reading this again. There are some parts of Memory lane I do not wish to visit right now.

  10. I’ve never seen Scip this sad, I don’t think he’ll be pissed, he’ll most likely come face to face with her and she’ll cave in and leave in another fit. Also, yes, cute Flora. If you sell plush Floras sometime in the future, I’ll buy one. Also, the sincerist heart is gorgeous, thanks! (P.S. Could you make the Reclamation patches in color? I’d like a couple of those, they are so rad)

  11. Just read your entire comic today. So this is really shocking. I always figured she had just been mistreated, perhaps ignored by her parents. But I didn’t think it could be to such an extent.

  12. That one detail seems so surprising, it seems like he’s read it in the report and bringing it up nicely by phrasing it as a question. Maybe he’s leaving her some room to deny it. This is definitely the moment when things start, though.

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