Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 63

Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 63

Gee, I wasn’t aware Scip was psychic.

Wait a sec….. He’s not.


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  1. myles says:

    aaww, his terror is so adorable. I love the flinch in the third panel.

  2. John K says:

    I can so relate, I too am scared of men in Kilts

  3. DCB says:

    I’m tickled by the fact that Scip effectively just cuts off his exit by tapping the wall in an effeminate manner.

  4. odinthecrab says:

    This page reads page 64.
    The previous one is 62.
    Where’s 63? Or is this just a typo?

  5. Cailyn says:

    I… -love- Scipio. So much. He is the nicest, kindest, most Zen teddy-bear-esque body guard in the history of body guards…

    and somehow that makes him even more terrifying. IT’S AWESOME.

  6. Cass says:

    I adore the second panel so much. “And you are never going to see me again.” Poor Scip, so misunderstood in his kilt-y tallness. (Though it sure comes in handy.)

  7. Furious Sterling says:

    Wow, Scipio’s boots are awesome, are they supposed to look like a cross between cowboy boots, and those lace up boots “professional” wrestlers wear?

  8. AdiStroyer says:

    It makes me so happy Scip wears the boots but not the stockings. Those stocking ruin everything.

  9. Scip’s not psychic, he just learned how to get information from a phone number.

  10. Michelle says:

    aw skip do you EVER wear pants? You’re such a joke sometimes. D: We love you.

    I love how completely calm he is about the whole thing, this guy could be creeping on his room ate and he’s just: “hey, wait second, lemme ask you something. Let’s chat.”

    Then again is obvious he could take this Edgar guy on, so why worry?

  11. darrylayo says:

    Oh wow, what a good sequence. You can feel the pain in panels 2 and 3, “I don’t wanna dieeeeeee”

  12. Cat says:

    I wanna Scipio D:

  13. Ev says:

    I could totally see him saying “take a seat” like that bloke from “To Catch A Predator.”

  14. Paffers says:

    I had to go back and read this three times in the last fifteen minutes, and it STILL makes me grin and giggle at the poor dude. He’s so scared just LOOKING at Scip. Heeeee.

  15. Missushow says:

    Toads agree DCB.

    Btw am I the only one who thinks it’s creeps Scip has memorized that dudes license plate?!

  16. Jala says:

    Poor dude thinks he’s found Pippi’s utterly terrifying live-in boyfriend, or maybe pimp, for that matter. I’m guessing that this is a guy Pippi’s been seeing, and there’s no obvious way for Pippi and Scip to be related.

  17. stacey says:

    They’ve both learned something today huh? I think Edgar here thinks he’s learned that Pippi has a new, older, gigantic black BOYFRIEND, not bodyguard. Which makes his reaction even funnier.

  18. stacey says:

    ah yeah, Jala, somehow I missed that part of your comment and thought I was being original.

  19. literatehyaena says:

    Isn’t the Sorrows a rather nicer place? I remember Dr. Bash being from uh. Court of Jacopa.

  20. maritza says:



  21. jdalton says:

    “I recognized your license plate.” Ha! There’s no getting away now, Edgar Lark!

  22. Jala says:

    Mmm, Spike? You comfortable giving out your Sims 3 screen name? I tried searching a couple different combinations of iron and spike to no avail.

  23. JWF says:

    What’s really great about that third panel is that he’s just tapping the wall and the kid physically reacts like Scip just like pounded the wall with all his might or something.

    • John says:

      Demonstrations of self-control actually make much more effective intimidation than direct force, in the long term. Clumsy brute? Maybe you could outwit him, or get away after he misses. Zen master’s gonna hit you whenever he’s ready, exactly as hard as he wants to.

  24. eliza says:

    wait.. does scip live in 2D? is his last name hen?

  25. Void Hamlet says:

    Bug-eyed Skip. The terror!

  26. The Woot says:

    Does he remind anyone else of Carrot from Discworld? Huge, totally nice and muscle-y.. and everything he says can be taken so wrong. >_>

  27. Dan^G says:

    couple things… #1 eddie boy just shat his pants… #2 Alex Louis Armstrong. FMA. look it up… hes like a huge(er) scipio… #3 – huge black dude in a kilt like a scot, with a roman name, and a european last name, as well as luchador boots. WIN

  28. wirrit says:, the guy is looking for Pippi, and wearing an Oarlock shirt. Hopefully these things are not related ?