Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 19

Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 19

Discussion (11)¬

  1. C. Mage says:

    THIS….is a Holy Crapfuck Situation.

  2. Far says:

    This adds a new layer to Gene’s fixation on Ben’s inability to whistle.

  3. Jamie McJack says:

    Dang…these Jakes need to be exterminated. Serious.

  4. Scip says:

    It’s POSEIDON!!!!!!

  5. Night-Gaunt says:

    Yes a dangerous organized group. No guns but big knives and stabbing weapons.

  6. John says:

    I think the jakeskin could have done their B&E here with a lot less violence if they’d been willing to accept a few seconds’ delay.

  7. FrankNW says:

    One, this entire story is fictional. Two…for aspects of it that aren’t, “exterminating” people hardly seems like a safe sort of comment to make. A lot of people won’t view that favorably.