12 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 17”

  1. I like how the Jakes are portrayed in the lower right corner, like they were some wild animals, with their eyes a-glow in the dark. “You hurt one of our pack, now you gonna be hurt too.”

    1. I thought the note might be taken as like a word, then the one-word utterance would be like a sentence,and the dot taken as a period ending the sentence.

      1. I didn’t see it as a crotchet or ♪ but as a “d” if you look carefully. Notes tend to be more rounded… But yeah, the dot at the end seems to make it break off sharp, like the end of a sentence. The tone that they are hearing is a d, perhaps?

  2. I’m reminded of the point when a swarm of locusts gathers.

    The signal has been sent.

    It is now time to eat the WORLD.

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