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    1. Or Semites generally, as Arab/Muslim mythology lays claim to being descended from Abraham as well. I’m sure Shep would differentiate between monotheistic Arabs and Nile, even if no one else could see an ethnic difference.

  1. Huh. Guess in this history, judaeism rules the middle east, having chased out the ancient Egyptians…doesn’t that mean the Islam never came to be? Interesting stuff.

    1. Abrahamic means Jews, Christians AND Muslims-the three religions who consider Abraham to be the first prophet.

  2. By “Abrahamic” he could mean Jews, Arabs, or even (stretching a point somewhat) Christians. Heck, he could mean a coalition of the three, unlikely as that seems in our world.

    In our timeline, Egypt has been under the control of foreign powers for nearly two and a half millenia. In Templar’s timeline, “five generations” … and I’m taking it for granted that Shep is the type to exaggerate, so 18-year “generations” seems reasonable … would put the start of the “exile” at approximately the end of the Great War (assuming they HAD a Great War).

    The Six-Day War was only about 40 years ago, and I’m not sure even Shep would call 8 years a generation.

    1. Two Possibilities come to mind: British Occupied Egypt, or he could literally be refering to how many generations of their extended family are currently living since their ancestors were “exiled.”

      From Wiki:
      “The reign of Ismail, from 1863 to 1879, was for a while hailed as a new era into modern Egypt. […] led to bankruptcy, and the later part of his reign is historically important simply for its leading to European intervention in, and occupation of, Egypt”

      This would put each generation near 25 or so years.

  3. If any Egyptians tried to cast off Islam (or Christianity) in favor of ancient Egyptian civilization, you can bet they would get a lot of shit from the Muslim majority (just like the Copts do, and they’re people of the Book). No need to conjure up something about Israel.

    I believe Spike has spoken to the alt-history origins of the Nile Revivalists somewhere (it relates to the alternate history of Egypt), but I can’t find it.

  4. “That’s what you decide to care about?”

    Yeah, Shep, I would imagine pedophilia and incest figure pretty well up there. Check out the Ancient Egyptian family trees sometime…LOTTA inbreeding.

  5. Wish we had some historical foot notes. Even a world or local map. But I’m guessing we will get tantalizing bits here and there to spice the story. Like we just had. Grist for the mill. See if there is anything to latch onto in our history.

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