8 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Intermission: Little Cairo, page 4”

  1. The Nile people and the Jakes are two sort of cults – there are plenty of others in Templar, but of the ones seen so far I think these are the only hereditary ones.

  2. Moze is what brown-brown people like to call a “coconut”. Brown on the outside, white on the inside.

    ..Milky too, I’spose

    1. Considering what comes out of him on a regular basis, I’d say the connection is apt.

      Jakes I don’t think are hereditary, necessarily. Feather mentioned that she hadn’t received the same kind of… education that Apollo had during her childhood. She also mentioned something about one hundred families? I expect anyone could join, but they would probably get mixed up in the baby-makin’ ways pretty quickly.

      1. No, mate; see, there be all kinds:
        Oreo-Black outside
        Coconut-Brown outside
        Banana-Yellow outside
        Then you have uh-oh oreos and- well, you get the point.

    2. Moze is what I like to call fuckin’ AWESOME.

      Hey, speakin’ of Jakes, it seems like one of the Jake women shoulda mixed it up with him by now: they could do worse for new genetic material, and he’s always happy to provide….

  3. Interesting kinds of cults here. Based upon more ancient places and ideas. Somewhat reminiscent of the late 19th-early 20th century occult based groups that were popular both in the USA and in Europe.

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