Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 14

Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 14

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  1. Iosonos says:

    Man, I wish more porno ended like that

  2. Boosta82 says:

    Seriously ? Hell, yes. More porn like that!

  3. Mary says:

    Damn. I’ve actually ended some stories like that. I maybe should have just left them the way they were, because I didn’t realize how funny it was until now.

  4. Carl-E says:

    Well, after all, someone just made him think about his parents…

  5. Pearle says:

    He looks all mature and professional with that cigarillo.

  6. wow….never think about your parents when looking or writing about porn….

    its like thinking about smoking while accidently lighting a match near dynamite

  7. theorphanxd says:

    Damn, man can’t ever seem to enjoy a good smoke…

  8. Slither says:

    I think…that he might just have some issues with his parents. Not sure though… JUst a guess. Could be wrong.

  9. Chris says:

    Either Ben really is trying to take up Cigarettes or he just likes to suck on cinnamon sticks.

  10. Chipmunk says:

    As Freud would say: “Some times a cigar (or in Ben’s case a cigarillo) is just a cigar”.

  11. Dylan says:

    and as Carlin said “Yeah, and sometimes, it is a big brown dick.”

  12. Sarah TX says:

    I didn’t notice this the first time through – check out the line at the top of the page: He’s writing erotica about Reagan.

    Bad idea, Ben. You’ll never look at her the same way again.

  13. Night-Gaunt says:

    Remember that porn follows the love story. Only in this case it is in the love story.