Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 13

Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 13

Discussion (9)¬

  1. Carl-E says:

    OK, writing.

  2. diTaykan says:

    Y’know, what’s-her-face just has to look at the area code.

    • Uorem says:

      Client confidentiality. Even if she knew where he was, she couldn’t say anything.

    • Random Webcomics Junkie says:

      It doesn’t cost that much to have your phone company block your number so that it doesn’t appear on caller ID.

      • Meretrix says:

        Telephones seem to work a little differently in the Templarverse. Perhaps there is no commercially available caller ID.

  3. Lucide says:

    I think he’s working on his copy book

  4. You could be right, Lucide….or he could be typing in a search term or working on the news article

  5. Jangalian says:

    Why is his shrink bent on him being at home? He’s 21, legally an adult, and seems to be taking care of himself in a decent fashion. And as far as whatever meds he’s taking; from what we’ve seen, the kid’s doing alright for himself. Has a job, and a place, and friends. Not living in a cardboard box on a street corner. I think he should be okay.