22 thoughts on “Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, cover”

  1. I bet so many people are afraid of this picture. Art education should be mandatory, including nude figure drawing; the fear people have of the human body is just ridiculous!

    1. there is no nude art in this picture. all “embarassing” parts have been hidden… even his male breasts… reagan uses to show much more of her flesh :)

      1. Just because you can’t see his dick, it doesn’t make him less naked. There is, in fact, nudity in this picture. It’s just not full frontal. And the fabric thing is a little high to cover his “male breasts”. If you look, you can see his nipples underneath it. And none of that is a problem. this is a very cool cover and a great title.

        1. Nice observation, Kanya. I agree with Shelley that this country has got to get over this confusion of nudity with obscenity. (Yeah, I’m working my way through the archives, and so do not particularly expect this to be seen.)

  2. Before you get on your high horse about the beauty of the human body, I would like to point that there is, in fact, no dick in this picture.

  3. Gene, Gene, Gene of the jungle!
    Stronger than you know!
    Gene, Gene, Gene of the jungle!
    Where’d his daughter go?
    Gene, Gene, Gene of the jungle
    Knows what not to show!

  4. Male or Female, the human body is not a beautiful thing. It is an ugly thing.
    My opinion entirely. Don’t care if you agree or disagree.

  5. I love this picture of Gene most of all. He seems so alive and you can’t see him as stunted. In this picture, he’s in his primal nature and it fits him so well. Especially when you learn more about him.

  6. Gene’s tattoo, on his lower body, reminds me of: there was a 1960s or 1970s monster/horror comic book. [Maybe it’s from the 1980s]. In a rich + sinister looking family, everyone, or maybe just the men, were born with a strange birthmark on their chests. The birthmark was an oval, with two curved horns coming out of its sides. [ Like a tattoo of a devil’s face, maybe].
    I think the birthmark was a dark gray color, or maybe it was black.

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