9 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Intermission: Meet the Elliotts, page 9”

    1. The problem with governments is that almost all of them are actually beneficial…until you get people involved.

        1. Anarchy is being stuck in 8th grade gym class with no teacher in the building and the physically stronger kids beating up the weaker kids, saying, “Stop punching yourtself! Stop punching yourself!” for all eternity. The only people in favor of anarchy are the stronger kids, and the only reason they don’t want rules is because they want to put in their own rules.

          1. Actually, that isn’t anarchy either. What you described is more along the lines of despotism.

            Anarchy is more along the lines of all human beings acting completely independently of each other. Sort of like everyone being stuck in an isolation room. And anarchy isn’t possible. Human beings naturally form societies because that’s how we’ve survived and the niche we evolved into. Humans raised outside of a society’s influences have massive problems (the few cases where you have someone that actually survived, that is).

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