7 thoughts on “02.0×120”

  1. Now we know that Ben’s door really does work….its just that Zora is a clever little girl who got her street smarts from her father

    I wonder if he has a college education……

  2. Aha! TY, Halykan. I /did/ notice Dr Bash’s name on the card but thought of it as an entry key-card, forgetting this run-down building would not have that kind of security system. When you identify it as a debit card, that clarifies that it just /happens/ to be Dr Bash’s, and Gene is using it for its physical properties to jimmie the bolt.

    1. I agree with Clare; It is a credit card. I’ve never seen a debit card with someone’s name on it, and “MIDAS” is the sort of name a credit card company would like to have (‘twould be pretty silly to have a debit card that said “MIDAS” when you’re down to your last $20).

      1. I have some debit cards with my name on it, so they do exist.
        Furthermore, I think lock-picking is easier with those supermarket payback cards or club membership cards (MIDAS could be some vaguely philanthropic science club) since the plastic is more flexible and enters better between door and frame.

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