Discussion (7)¬

  1. Sinister Duck says:

    I like the little heart dotting the ‘i’ in “scarificators”. Makes me feel like home.

  2. Gremlins says:

    Guess this really isn’t doing anything to disabuse Scip of his whole ‘people are so horrible’ thing, eh?

  3. Jangalian says:

    Just so people don’t have to be creeped out more than necessary, scarification is the process of having a either a design cut into a person’s skin to produce a thin-lined design, or having a larger patch of skin removed completely to have a much broader “scar tattoo”. It’s horrifying to me. Kind of like a reverse tattoo, with no ink, and the removal of your flesh.

    It’s considered a mark of strength to have it done without an anesthesia.