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    1. Yes, radium is radioactive. At the low end of the spectrum, though – it was used for a long time to make watch dials and hands glow inthe dark. It takes a lot of long periods of exposure to make you ill. Gene’ll be fine.

      Of course, it killed Madam Curie…

      1. She also studied it extensively throughout her life, and kept a chunk of it in her desk drawer. I think he’ll be okay.

  1. As informed to me by the very fellow who flagged this comic to me, Radium Water Crocks were jars lined with radium ores that irradiated water, back when they thought radioactivity was healthy for you. Most of them weren’t actively dangerous but certain brands (specifically the radium ore Revigator most famously) were packed with nasty amounts of the stuff and could seriously irradiate your water, not to mention living space. They weren’t exactly instafatal mutation prone cancer causing death orbs glowing in the night, but certainly I wouldn’t care to hang around one for very long. However, most were harmless. People kept them in their homes for years without noticeable radiation poisoning. Provided you didn’t drink from or sleep next to the thing all the time.

  2. Yes the electrons it is shedding damage DNA. so you direct the beam at damaged tissue to kill it. Finish the job. No laughing matter..

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